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  • $6.2 million

    Propane manufacturer failed to follow standards, which caused the death of a factory worker.

  • $6 million

    Tractor-trailer collision on interstate involving at-fault driver failed to observe traffic on interstate causing collision. Minimized fault of injured parties.

  • $5.132 million

    Tractor-trailer collision on Interstate 71 involving two tractor-trailers. At-fault driver and company failed to comply with numerous federal regulations.

  • $2 million

    Motorcycle accident against plumbing company. Injured client suffered traumatic brain injury, severe fractures of all extremities and numerous internal injuries.

  • $1.75 million

    Medical malpractice/hospital negligence case involving a nurse’s negligence resulting in physical deformities and neurologic deficit.

  • $1.5 million

    Wrongful death case involving a defendant failing to follow emergency action plan procedures, including use of emergency equipment.

  • $1.2 million

    Medical malpractice wrongful death for the negligent failure to diagnose and failure to properly treat a heart attack at an Indiana hospital.

  • $1.161 million

    Wrongful death of an Indiana honors high school in a head-on collision with an at-fault drunk driver from same high school.

  • $1 million

    Wrongful death case resulting from the negligent maintenance and renovation of elevator. One of the first million-dollar verdicts in Kentucky.

  • $950,000

    Tractor-trailer collision resulting from negligent operation of the tractor on Interstate 264. Injured client suffered a severe neck injury requiring surgery.

  • $750,000

    Negligent security and premises liability case involving the assault of an infant at a local hospital. Child suffered a traumatic brain injury.

  • $700,000

    Fire case against rental property owner and local housing authority for their negligence inspection and maintenance of a rental home.

  • $600,000

    Automobile collision case. At-fault driver’s employer knew the driver suffered from sleep apnea.

  • $550,000

    Railroad negligence case for the negligent maintenance of a railroad crossing. Injured client suffered a partially amputated foot.

  • $535,000

    Verdict in an underinsured motorist case. Client suffered a neck injury requiring cervical surgery and disability.

  • Confidential

    A products liability lawsuit against Ford Motor Company for a defective seatback in a Ford Escort. Child suffered a depressed skull fracture with brain defects and mental deficits.

  • Confidential

    Legal malpractice case involving an attorney’s failure to sue within the time limit allowable (statute of limitations). Legal malpractice compounded the medical malpractice case arising from the negligent back surgery.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Verdicts & Settlements


  • Jones Act
  • Electrocution, construction negligence, and slip and fall
  • Legal malpractice involving a whiplash injury
  • Back (lumbar) and neck (cervical) surgery
  • “Soft tissue” injuries

Why Do Jury Verdicts Matter?

Verdicts & settlements show that the skilled attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC prepare each case for trial from the outset.  Insurance companies keep close track of personal injury lawyers across the nation.  They know which attorneys and law firms have the skill, experience and willingness to go to trial.

Insurance companies know a jury is much more likely to give you a fair and just award.  Trials cost the insurance company a lot of money.  The primary goal of any insurance company is profit.  The long track record of successful outcomes at trial for HLH clients provides incentive for your insurance company to settle earlier and for a much higher amount than they would offer you.  The fact is not all injury lawyers are equal.  Many are unwilling to take a case to trial, and insurance companies know these lawyers have not sought a jury verdict in the past and are unlikely to do so in your case.  This results in a lower offer.

Every accident and injury case is different.  We have provided the information on this page to demonstrate the firm’s skill, experience and expertise over almost 100 years of service to the Louisville, Kentucky area.  The verdicts & settlements show that our firm has stood up to the insurance companies and their legal teams to ensure our clients receive full, fair compensation for the injuries or loss they’ve been forced to endure.

Our verdicts & settlements also demonstrate our ability and willingness to take your case to trial in order to ensure the maximum fair outcome when insurance companies are not treating you fairly.

To learn more about our record of accomplishment, contact the Louisville, Kentucky law firm of Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC for a FREE case evaluation at (866) 583-9701.

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