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Worn or Neglected Tires Increase the Risk of Louisville Car Accidents

The American Automobile Association or AAA recommends all Kentuckians should check their tires in preparation for fall and winter.  Worn or neglected tires increase the risk of Louisville car accidents and resulting serious injuries.  Try the simple “penny tread” test.  Insert a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you.  If you can see … Continued

Primary Causes of Head On Collisions in Kentucky

What are the primary causes of head on collisions in Kentucky and what steps can you take to reduce the likelihood of becoming involved in a serious head on car accident?  The primary cause of a head on collision is obviously driver negligence.  We all drive under a system of trust where we expect oncoming … Continued

FELA Injury Claim for Railroad Employees in Kentucky

What is required to file a FELA injury claim for railroad employees in Kentucky?  FELA was passed in 1908 with the intention of providing almost guaranteed payment for employees, additional incentives for employers to more strictly enforce safety regulations, and to provide sufficient compensation for those who are injured while working in a rail yard … Continued

What Are Some of the Common Back Surgeries Required after Car Accident Injuries

What are some of the most common back surgeries required after car accident related injuries?  Why are there so many injuries related to the back and neck in a motor vehicle accident? Car accidents involve incredible forces which lash the body in all directions during impact.  Incredible G forces apply pressure to critical points in … Continued

Improper Loading and Securing of Cargo Truck Accidents Cause Injury

Improper loading and securing of cargo truck accidents cause injury in Louisville and throughout Kentucky.  When commercial trucks and semi trucks are carrying too much cargo, it can cause the vehicle to be top heavy and unstable, especially in turns and when attempting to bring the vehicle to a stop.  When the interior contents of … Continued

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