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A Louisville Car Accident Often Results in Broken Bones

A Kentucky or Louisville car accident often results in broken bones or fractures.  The impact of a car accident brings severe forces which compress and twist the body.  Impact with the steering column, windshield or windows, side support beams and other obstructions within the vehicle often results in broken bones and fractures. It is not … Continued

Car Accident Resulting in Neck and Spine Injury

A car accident resulting in neck and spine injury can make a profound impact on a person’s life.  The forces associated with a car accident are sudden and powerful, often unexpected.  The body is thrashed in multiple directions and often contorted in directions the neck and spine were not meant to bend.  The result could … Continued

What Happens If You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident

What happens if you’ve been injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence or fault?  The insurance company or companies representing the driver at fault will attempt to contact you as soon as possible to take a statement, start the process of  attempting to limit the value of your claims, and, sometimes, settle … Continued

Car Accidents Account for more than 90 Percent of Collisions in Kentucky

Did you know that car accidents account for more than 90 percent of collisions in Kentucky?  Car accidents are also responsible for more than 70 percent of those who lose their life, or fatalities in a motor vehicle accident.  The most recent statistics from the Kentucky State Police show more than 225,000 cars were involved … Continued

Motorcycle Accidents often result in Serious Injuries

No one expects to be injured in an accident when they start their bike and pull away.  Unfortunately motorcycle drivers and their passengers are no match for the weight and forces associated with other vehicles on the roadway and motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries requiring an extensive period of recovery. Apart from death … Continued

Accident at an Intersection in Louisville

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident at an intersection in Louisville or across Kentucky?  The most serious injury accidents happen at intersections according to the most recent data provided by the Kentucky State Police.  Forty two percent of all fatal accidents and more than forty seven percent of injuries happen … Continued

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