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Injuries in a T-Bone or Side Impact Car Accident

More than 25% of Kentucky car accidents happen at intersections, many of which involve your car being hit in the side.  The injuries in a T-bone or side impact car accident can often be much more serious than even a head-on collision.  Most modern vehicles are designed to absorb a head-on impact or a rear … Continued

What is a Wrongful Death Under Kentucky Law?

What is a wrongful death under Kentucky law and what does your family need to know if you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident?  When a person loses their life due to the negligent actions of another person it is known as a “wrongful death” action under Kentucky law.  Here in Kentucky, … Continued

Signs of Head Injury After an Accident May Take Weeks to Show Up

We have heard it many times in our decades of service in Kentucky accidents and injuries: “He almost seems like a different person at times.” Things appeared to be fine that day, but signs of head injury after an accident may take weeks to show up and be noticed by family and close friends.  Personality … Continued

Always See a Doctor Within 24 Hours of a Car Accident

Why should you always see a doctor within 24 hours of a car accident?  You think everything is fine and nothing seems to be broken or serious cut.  Why is it so important to go to the hospital, ER, urgent care or your own physician within 24 hours after a car accident?  The short answer … Continued

Why are Automobile Accidents in Elizabethtown Resulting in Injury Increasing

The number of automobile accidents in Elizabethtown resulting in injury or fatality are increasing.  Why are the number of injury related car accidents in Elizabethtown and Hardin County increasing?  In the most recent statistics provided by the Kentucky State Police the number of fatal accidents increased almost 30% and the number of non-fatal serious injury … Continued

Motorcycle Accident Near Corydon

What should you do if you are involved in a motorcycle accident near Corydon or anywhere in southern Indiana including New Albany or Jeffersonville?  One of the best things about living in southern Indiana is the abundance of beautiful roads.  As fall is approaching, there will be more and more motorcyclists, and motorists, taking back … Continued

Child Hit By A Car in Shively

Pedestrian accidents are unfortunately fairly common in the Louisville community, and a child hit by a car in Shively recently reminds us all to be more cautious.  A child recently lost his life when he was hit by a car in Shively.  The 6-year old boy was riding his bike in the street when he … Continued

Injured in a Car Accident While Traveling Through Kentucky

Have been injured in a car accident while traveling through Kentucky recently?  Our firm has handled multiple cases for people who were injured while visiting throughout the state of Kentucky.  Normally, if you suffer injuries in an automobile accident you search for a locally based injury lawyer and pursue your case.  That can be much … Continued

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