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What Causes Most Truck Accidents in Louisville

What causes most truck accidents in Louisville and what should you do if you are injured in a Kentucky truck accident?  The Kentucky State Police keep many statistics associated with commercial truck accidents in our state.  There are many common causes of truck accidents, but the primary sources of truck accidents are: Equipment Failures – … Continued

Louisville Truck Accidents Result in Serious Injuries

Louisville truck accidents result in serious injuries to other drivers and the occupants of smaller vehicles.  Louisville is a busy commercial artery as many interstates and major roads connect freight hubs throughout the Midwest.   According to accident and injury statistics provided by the Kentucky State Police, Jefferson County has one of the highest numbers of … Continued

Testing Kentucky Truck Drivers for Drugs and Alcohol

Most people are not aware that federal regulations, as well as private employment conditions, result in random checks and testing Kentucky truck drivers for drugs and alcohol.  HLH has provided a lot of information about the serious risks associated with a truck accident.  There are federal and state regulations regarding the number of hours a … Continued

Remain Visible to Avoid a Truck Accident

Always make an effort to remain visible to avoid a truck accident, especially when passing a commercial vehicle or semi tractor-trailer.  As professional drivers truck drivers are trained, and are supposed, to constantly check the areas surrounding their vehicle at all times. However, due to pressures of many on time deliveries and hours of service … Continued

Improper Loading and Securing of Cargo Truck Accidents Cause Injury

Improper loading and securing of cargo truck accidents cause injury in Louisville and throughout Kentucky.  When commercial trucks and semi trucks are carrying too much cargo, it can cause the vehicle to be top heavy and unstable, especially in turns and when attempting to bring the vehicle to a stop.  When the interior contents of … Continued

Are There Black Boxes in Kentucky Truck Accidents?

Are there black boxes in Kentucky truck accidents and can this information help with your injury claim?  Most of us have heard about black boxes associated with an airplane, but many are surprised to learn most commercial vehicles are also equipped with these devices. The “Engine Control Module” and other electronic logging devices have been … Continued

Trucking Companies Are Liable for Truck Accidents due to Poor Maintenance

Truck drivers are not the only source of liability in a truck accident resulting in serious injury or wrongful death.  Trucking companies are liable for truck accidents due to poor maintenance or fleet safety practices. Federal regulations require all trucking companies and commercial motor carriers to regularly and systematically inspect, maintain and repair every vehicle … Continued

Why Won’t the Government Take Action to Reduce Fatal Truck Accidents

Why won’t the government take action to reduce fatal truck accidents associated with distracted driving and rear end collisions?  A recent case has highlighted the specific issues at hand and why HLH attorneys are so committed to ensuring the safety of those who share the road with tractor trailers and commercial trucks. One recent case … Continued

Are Trucking Companies Liable for Accidents Involving Their Drivers?

Are trucking companies liable for accidents involving their drivers?  The simple answer is yes, and the experienced truck accident attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC (HLH) will name all parties who share liabilities associated with the accident to ensure our clients receive the full and fair settlement or verdict they deserve. Employers are responsible … Continued

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