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Do Truck Accidents Increase in the Summer?

Do truck accidents increase in the summer in Louisville and across the State of Kentucky?  There are certainly more vehicles on the road and traveling through our great state during the warm months of the year.  Traffic picks up beginning in May and heavy volumes increase into September. This is due to “sunbirds” passing through … Continued

Over 500 Commercial Vehicle Accidents Resulting in Injury So Far This Year in Kentucky

According to the Kentucky State Police Collision data there have been over 500 commercial vehicle accidents resulting in injury so far this year in Kentucky.  Commercial trucks and commercial vehicles are regulated by federal and state regulations to increase safety and reduce the likelihood of a truck accident.  However, there are still many injury accidents … Continued

Distracted Truck Drivers Have Caused Hundreds of Accidents in Kentucky

Distracted truck drivers have caused hundreds of accidents in Kentucky resulting in injuries and loss of life.  According to Collision Data provided by the Kentucky State Police, there have been hundreds of truck accidents in Kentucky over the past two years, which involve distracted driving.  Over 75% of these accidents involved a commercial truck. The … Continued

The Potential Harms of a Truck Weighing Too Much

Why are there so many weigh stations in Kentucky?  What are the potential harms of a truck weighing too much on our roadways?  There are many different factors which can contribute to a tractor-trailer accident. One of the factors that we mentioned in our article which discussed common causes of truck accidents: truck weight.  There are several … Continued

Multiple Vehicle Collision in Campbellsburg

There was a multiple vehicle collision in Campbellsburg, earlier this week.  A pickup truck was traveling on I-71 and suddenly crossed the median and collided with a tractor trailer.  Another vehicle swerved to miss the pickup and ran into two other vehicles. This is one of those interesting circumstances in which a passenger vehicle crashed … Continued

Safety Rule Aimed at Problem Truckers in Kentucky and Nationally

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has developed a safety rule aimed at problem truckers in Kentucky and nationally.  The FMCSA has recently proposed tougher sanctions for bus and truck companies that show a blatant disregard for safety rules. Truck accidents are, comparatively, not in the news that much, but when one does occur it … Continued

Update on Heavy Truck Anti-Rollover System

Is there an update on the heavy truck anti-rollover system?  It can indeed be a slow and sometimes cumbersome process for federal agencies to promulgate rules — whether relating to workplace or transportation safety, the environment, taxation or myriad other matters — envisioned as ultimately becoming legal enactments. We informed readers previously of the “Notice … Continued

ATA weighs in on progress in enumerated safety areas for trucks

Four years ago, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) — the largest national advocacy organization for the commercial trucking industry — announced a “Safety Agenda” pursuant to which it identified major safety priorities and challenged federal and state lawmakers to adopt changes making the nation’s roadways safer.  Recently, the ATA weighed in on progress in enumerated … Continued

Truck Accident and Injury Cases are Much Different than a Car Accident Case

Here in Louisville and throughout Kentucky truck accident and injury cases are much different than a car accident case.  Truck accident cases are legally quite complex and often involve multiple liable parties.  The responsible parties such as the truck driver, the company they work for and the owner of the truck are usually backed by … Continued

Crash Involving a Log Truck and Farm Equipment

There was a crash involving a log truck and farm equipment in Trigg County, on KY 139, earlier today.  The truck accident involved a tractor pulling a cultivator.  As of the writing of this post, there’s no information regarding injuries related to the collision. Throughout Kentucky, drivers often encounter various types of larger vehicles: Log … Continued

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