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Truck Drivers Under the Influence a Major Risk of Injury

Are truck drivers under the influence a major risk of injury in Kentucky and across the United States?  A recent international study culled information from 36 separate independent studies in countries where trucking was essential to the nation’s economy, principally the United States.  The studies found truck drivers are actually a high risk for the development of drug additions which place all other drivers with whom they share the road at risk.

30% of the truck drivers across the studies admitted to using amphetamines and other substances to remain “awake” or “alert” while driving.  Almost half of the drivers admitted to drinking or “driving after a drink or two.”  Cannabis is the most common drug used by truckers, followed by amphetamines and cocaine.

Here in the United States drug testing has revealed a concerning trend – 2% of US truck drivers continue to fail these random drug tests.  2% may sound like a small number, but when you consider the number of semi-trucks and commercial vehicles we share the road with the numbers become quite alarming.  The study also noted not only systemic failures in the testing process but the ease with which truck drivers could mask alcohol and drug use if tested.

The study noted the long hours a typical truck driver must put in each given day (up to 11 hours), the monotonous pattern of endlessly sitting in the same position while “scenery flows by” as well as the fact that many are paid by the mile.

These factors combine to make truck drivers under the influence a major risk of injury for all other motorists.  The weight and momentum of a commercial vehicle is no match for a car or even an SUV or pickup truck.  Truck accidents often result in serious injuries which can result in permanent injury or loss of life.

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