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Louisville Nursing Home and Skilled Care Abuse and Neglect

Should you be concerned about Louisville nursing home and skilled care abuse and neglect and resulting injuries and health issues?  Did you know that Louisville is one of the largest, if not THE largest cluster of aging care such as nursing homes, home based health care, hospice and senior living services?  This was recently noted … Continued

Diagnosing Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Do you need help diagnosing nursing home abuse and neglect in Louisville and across Kentucky?  Are you suspicious about bruises, wounds or nursing home injuries which your loved one has been forced to endure?  You’re not alone, and as America’s population continues to age we are hearing more stories of nursing home neglect, as well … Continued

Restraints May Actually Be a Sign of Nursing Home Abuse

The use of restraints in nursing homes is not as common as it was even a decade ago as the use of restraints in nursing homes and extended care facilities has been limited under Kentucky and federal law.  Restraints may actually be a sign of nursing home abuse and it is important to remain vigilant … Continued

The Risk of Sepsis in a Kentucky Nursing Home

A major network news organization has been reporting on the risk of sepsis in a Kentucky nursing home and extended care facilities across the nation.  Recently, a private healthcare data analysis firm, Definitive Healthcare, conducted a complex analysis of data associated with the number of nursing home patients across the US who were transferred to … Continued

What Constitutes Elder Abuse or Neglect in Kentucky?

What constitutes elder abuse or neglect in Kentucky when a loved one is in the care of a nursing home or assisted care facility?  Kentucky law and federal statutes require these healthcare providers and facilities to maintain a high standard of care for our seniors.  Unfortunately, it is quite common for nursing homes and retirement … Continued

Facial Injuries from a Nursing Home Fall

Has a loved one suffered facial injuries from a nursing home fall?  Kentucky nursing homes are required to meet a high standard of safety and care for their patients.  Many nursing home falls resulting in serious injury occur due to the failure of the medical staff to ensure the safety rails of a bed are … Continued

Are Kentucky Nursing Homes Liable for Patient Injuries In a Fall

Are Kentucky nursing homes liable for patient injuries in a fall at their facility?  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states falls are the leading cause of injury and death in older Americans.  The State of Kentucky recognizes the importance of protecting nursing home patients.  Our laws place a legal “duty” on … Continued

Nursing Home Prescriptions May Result in Injury or Harm for Dementia Patients

A recent study by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) cautions nursing home prescriptions may result in injury or harm for dementia patients and extended care patients in general.  The study showed drug therapy, and the use of anti-psychotics in particular, are recommended only in cases where the “potential benefits outweigh the adverse side effects” of … Continued

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