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The Risk of Sepsis in a Kentucky Nursing Home

A major network news organization has been reporting on the risk of sepsis in a Kentucky nursing home and extended care facilities across the nation.  Recently, a private healthcare data analysis firm, Definitive Healthcare, conducted a complex analysis of data associated with the number of nursing home patients across the US who were transferred to hospitals and later passed away.  This analysis shows approximately 25,000 patients each year had developed sepsis while under the care of a nursing home.

There are many ways a nursing home patient may develop sepsis.  For example, a patient who is not properly cared for may develop pressure sores on their hip or tailbone.  Incontinence or patient neglect can result in these sores becoming infected.  If proper care is not provided sepsis can develop.  If the nursing home fails to aggressively and immediately diagnose and treat the sepsis the patient may go into a form of septic shock and ultimately pass away.

Sepsis can also develop in bedridden patients who suffer from urinary tract infections, pneumonia or other forms of infection.  While it may start out as a relatively small isolated issue, sepsis can quickly develop into a major infection which may cause the death of a nursing home patient.  Sepsis is often a symptom of nursing home neglect which can result in a substantial personal injury claim.

The risk of sepsis in a Kentucky nursing home is directly associated with the standard of care required under federal and Kentucky laws.  When a nursing home faces understaffing, especially in medical professionals and technicians, there is a greater risk for the patient population to face neglect or the risks of a fall resulting in injury or the development of a serious infection such as sepsis.

If you believe a loved one in a nursing home has developed sepsis or has passed away due to poor care or injury in a fall we invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact HLH or call (866) 583-9701 to speak with one of our experienced attorneys for a free consultation.

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