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The Driver Who Injured Me Was Not Insured so What Do I Do?

“I was in a car accident recently and the driver who injured me was not insured so what do I do?”  Unfortunately, even though Kentucky has minimum insurance requirements for all drivers we are often asked this question.  The answer to the issue of who pays for medical bills, lost wages and long term effects of a motor vehicle accident injury when the driver has little or no insurance or in a hit and run accident is UM/UIM.  What is UM/UIM?

Uninsured Motorist / Under Insured Motorist or UM/UIM is a portion of your own automobile insurance coverage.  HLH attorneys have consistently recommended all Louisville and Kentucky motorists to maximize the amount of UM/UIM coverage under their auto insurance.  It is one of the least expensive forms of insurance you can purchase and provides important coverage to in your own car as well as when you are walking, running or riding a bicycle.

The answer to the question “I was in a car accident recently and the driver who injured me was not insured so what do I do?” is to contact the experienced attorneys at HLH or call (866) 583-9701 to speak with one of our experienced injury attorneys personally for a free and comprehensive consultation.

Filing a UM/UIM claim is actually quite an eye-opening experience.  Many HLH clients have been shocked and extremely upset by the treatment they received from their own insurance representatives when they called to discuss a UM/UIM claim.  They will attempt to get you to settle this claim quickly and for far less than you are entitled to under Kentucky law.  The conversation can actually become a bit adversarial and many of our clients have expressed something to the effect of “I paid premiums faithfully all those years, and when I needed to file a claim they treated me rudely.”

HLH attorneys will handle all of the issues associated with your personal injury claim.  If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident we invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact HLH or call (866) 583-9701 for a free consultation today.

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