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What Action Should You Take After a Workplace Accident?

What action should you take after a workplace accident in Louisville or anywhere in Kentucky?  An accident can happen in any work environment, whether you work on a construction site or in an office.  Some professions are obviously more dangerous than others.  For example, railroad workers face some of the most hazardous and risky working conditions.  An injury in a rail yard or while working on the railroad is covered by a FELA claim.

Construction workers face many dangers, especially when working a job site with multiple contractors.  What caused your injury?  Who do you feel was responsible for your injury?

What action should you take after a workplace accident anywhere in Kentucky?  The first step is to seek appropriate medical care for your injuries.  While there are a few exceptions here in Kentucky, you should be able to choose your own physician.  Your physician should report information regarding your injuries and your ability to work to your employer and their workers compensation insurance carrier.

You will want to notify your boss, immediate supervisor or other appropriate work related contact person as soon as possible after you are injured.  You should be asked to provide basic information such as where and when your injuries occurred, what caused the accident and the symptoms and issues which have developed as a result.  The failure to report your injuries in a timely manner is a primary reason for the denial of workers compensation benefits.

If another contractor, company or person was responsible for your injuries there may very well be third party personal injury claim in addition to your valid workers compensation claim.  The experienced injury attorneys at HLH work to ensure you receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled.  The


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