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The Locomotive Inspection Act Improves FELA Injury Claims

It is important for your FELA personal injury attorney to understand how the Locomotive Inspection Act improves FELA injury claims.  Most railroad engineers and railroad employees who work on locomotive engines might be aware of this important piece of legislation, but do they understand the impact it will have upon any resulting FELA injury claim? … Continued

A Recent Supreme Court Ruling in a FELA Related Injury Case

A recent Supreme Court ruling in a FELA related injury case finds some of the railroad’s payment to injured workers for missed wages is taxable.  This may have an impact on FELA related settlements going forward and how awards are structured. The opinion in BNSF Railway Co Vs Loos likens the payments to compensate for … Continued

Railroad Work is Dangerous and Sometimes Deadly

Railroad work is dangerous and sometimes deadly due to the nature of the work itself as well as the environment where railroad work is completed.  A recent study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) provided some important insights into the nature of this work and the reasoning behind the necessity for the Federal … Continued

Back Injury for a Kentucky Railroad Worker

There are few injuries which can raise more challenges than a back injury for a Kentucky railroad worker.  Most railroad related jobs involve heavy lifting, often involving more than 100 pounds.  For example, a railroad engineer or conductor may be required to lift and connect the knuckle between cars on a train.  Reconnecting a separated … Continued

What are Some of the Common Injuries Associated with a Kentucky FELA Claim?

What are some of the common injuries associated with a Kentucky FELA claim?  Why is it important to work with an experienced Kentucky FELA injury and trial attorney to ensure the best possible outcome in your case? Those who work for railroad companies or in the railyards of Kentucky face exceptional risk of injury compared … Continued

Do I Have to Give a Statement to a Railroad Claim Agent in a FELA Case?

We are often asked “Do I have to give a statement to a railroad claim agent in a FELA case?”  The short and simple answer is “no, you do not have to provide a statement” before contacting an experienced FELA injury attorney at HLH for a free consultation at (866) 583-9701 and speaking with union … Continued

FELA Injury Claim for Railroad Employees in Kentucky

What is required to file a FELA injury claim for railroad employees in Kentucky?  FELA was passed in 1908 with the intention of providing almost guaranteed payment for employees, additional incentives for employers to more strictly enforce safety regulations, and to provide sufficient compensation for those who are injured while working in a rail yard … Continued

Several Injuries and Fatalities for Railroad Workers in August

August was a troubling month which resulted in several injuries and fatalities for railroad workers across the country.  While some of these accidents involved a train striking a motor vehicle, others involved challenges associated with equipment, tracks or the trains themselves. Railroad workers face dangerous work conditions on a daily basis.  This is one of … Continued

FELA Injury Compensation So Important for Those Who Work on Kentucky Railroads

Why is FELA injury compensation so important to those who work on Kentucky railroads?  Railroad workers must put in long hours on the job, and are asked to perform difficult and dangerous work.  The risks a railroad worker encounters in a normal work day are much higher than many other professions.  When an injury occurs, … Continued

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