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Back Injury for a Kentucky Railroad Worker

There are few injuries which can raise more challenges than a back injury for a Kentucky railroad worker.  Most railroad related jobs involve heavy lifting, often involving more than 100 pounds.  For example, a railroad engineer or conductor may be required to lift and connect the knuckle between cars on a train.  Reconnecting a separated knuckle (which typically weighs between 78 and 90 pounds) is part of many railroad workers’ normal day.  Railroad maintenance workers are routinely required to lift 50 to 100 pounds as part of as a normal day as a trackman, machine operator or laborer.

A back injury for a Kentucky railroad worker can lead to the end of a career.  Think about the common requirement to walk along a track on larger loose rocks (called ballast) which support many ties and tracks across this nation.  This rough environment is very painful for a railroad worker with an injured back.  The simple effort required to scale a small ladder up into a car, locomotive or support vehicle can place tremendous strain on the back.  If you have suffered a back injury while at work on a railroad in Kentucky you need the experienced FELA injury attorneys of HLH.  We work to ensure you receive the compensation and benefits you deserve and fight for a full and fair settlement of your FELA injury case.

The Federal Employers Liability Act or FELA provides additional protections to injured railroad workers in Louisville, throughout Kentucky and across the nation.  FELA was specifically designed with the harsh working environments of railroad and shipping yards in mind.  FELA provides additional benefits and potential for compensation which is not found in a normal workers’ compensation claim.  However, FELA injury claims must be carefully and thoroughly documented, prepared and defended to ensure ultimate approval and full compensation for Kentucky injured railroad workers.

HLH is the most established personal injury firm in Louisville and has served injury victims and their families since 1924.  We are experienced FELA injury attorneys who will pursue your case against all liable parties including the railroad, municipalities or other workers.  We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact HLH or call (866) 583-9701 for a free consultation today.


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