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Brain Injuries and Concussion from a Car Accident Affect Women More Adversely than Men

Scientific American recently published an article with astounding new insights into brain injuries and concussion from a car accident – these injuries affect women more adversely than men.  The report specifically states women suffer more concussions, have more symptoms and are unfortunately slower to recover from these injuries than men. Concussions are considered to be … Continued

Trucking Companies Are Liable for Truck Accidents due to Poor Maintenance

Truck drivers are not the only source of liability in a truck accident resulting in serious injury or wrongful death.  Trucking companies are liable for truck accidents due to poor maintenance or fleet safety practices. Federal regulations require all trucking companies and commercial motor carriers to regularly and systematically inspect, maintain and repair every vehicle … Continued

Recovering From Injuries to the Neck and Back in a Car Accident

Recovering from injuries to the neck and back in a car accident is a longer journey than many accident victims realize.  Injuries involving the brain or spinal cord can take many months or longer to heal and often result in lasting symptoms and complications. The Mayo Clinic classifies spinal cord injuries as “complete” or “incomplete.”  … Continued

Nursing Home Staffing Issues Lead to Neglect and Injuries

Recent findings in a study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) lead to a troubling conclusion: US nursing homes are overstating their staffing.  The fact is nursing home staffing issues lead to neglect and injuries for patients in those nursing homes. CMS provided a five star rating system for nursing homes which … Continued

What Additional Steps Can You Take to Avoid a Car Accident in Louisville

What additional steps can you take to avoid a car accident in Louisville?  You may realize the absolute importance of safety restraints and how they reduce injuries and save lives every day across Kentucky.   However, recent years have brought a surprising increase in the number of car accidents and fatal accidents here in Louisville and … Continued

The Impact of a Brain Injury From a Motor Vehicle Accident

Many people are not aware of the impact of a brain injury from a motor vehicle accident or the number of these injuries which occur every year in the United States.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a study which estimates 1.7 million people suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury or … Continued

Why Won’t the Government Take Action to Reduce Fatal Truck Accidents

Why won’t the government take action to reduce fatal truck accidents associated with distracted driving and rear end collisions?  A recent case has highlighted the specific issues at hand and why HLH attorneys are so committed to ensuring the safety of those who share the road with tractor trailers and commercial trucks. One recent case … Continued

Workplace Accidents Often Involve a Third Party Injury Claim as well as Workers Compensation

Workplace accidents often involve a third party injury claim as well as workers compensation.  The experienced accident and personal injury attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC (HLH) will help to ensure your workers compensation claim is properly completed and submitted.  We also hold responsible third parties financially accountable for your injuries through a personal … Continued

Are Trucking Companies Liable for Accidents Involving Their Drivers?

Are trucking companies liable for accidents involving their drivers?  The simple answer is yes, and the experienced truck accident attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC (HLH) will name all parties who share liabilities associated with the accident to ensure our clients receive the full and fair settlement or verdict they deserve. Employers are responsible … Continued

What Makes Intersections A Primary Factor in Louisville Car Accidents

What makes intersections a primary factor in Louisville car accidents and resulting serious injuries?  Car accidents in our intersections resulting in injury have significantly increased in the past several years.  Why have intersections become so dangerous? The US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration refers to intersections as “planned points of contact.”  The reason on … Continued

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