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Compensation for Injuries from a Hit and Run Car Accident in Louisville

Hit and run accidents and injuries are unfortunately becoming more common in Louisville and across Kentucky.  Are you concerned about managing the recovery and medical bills associated with injuries from a hit and run car accident in Louisville? Many victims of a hit and run are surprised to learn it is your own automobile insurance … Continued

A Mild Brain Injury Increases Mortality Risk within 15 Years

Did you know a mild brain injury increases mortality risk within 15 years of the accident and injury?  It has been well established in many scientific studies and journals that a mild brain injury has increased the development of alcohol and drug abuse down the road.  It has also been documented that mild brain injuries … Continued

How Does a Soft Tissue Injury Affect the Quality of Your Life?

How does a soft tissue injury affect the quality of your life after a car accident?  Many people who are involved in car accidents here in Louisville and across Kentucky every month believe they have avoided injury.  They may seem shaken up, but there are no obvious major injuries or broken bones.  Or so they … Continued

Dealing With a Lifelong Injury After an Accident

What are the issues of dealing with a lifelong injury after an accident?  While some injuries sustained in a Louisville motor vehicle, construction or railroad accident may heal over several months, other injuries will have a lifelong impact on the quality of life for those who have been injured in an accident. One example is … Continued

How Social Media Can Damage Your Valid Personal Injury Claim

Many of those who are injured in a Louisville motor vehicle accident have no idea how social media can damage your valid personal injury claim.  It is quite natural for us to post events and news in our lives to social media.  This does not apply to any information about your accident, your injuries or … Continued

What Constitutes Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Claim

What constitutes pain and suffering in a personal injury claim in Louisville or across Kentucky?  How is compensation for pain and suffering calculated in a personal injury settlement or verdict? When a person is injured in an accident due to the negligence of another person they may file a personal injury claim to seek compensation … Continued

A Hit and Run Accident Occurs Every Minute in the United States

A hit and run accident occurs every minute in the United States according to a recent report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.  It may surprise you to learn that more than 600,000 hit and run accidents occur in the US each year, resulting in thousands of wrongful deaths and hundreds of thousands of … Continued

Do Pedestrians or Bicyclists Need to File an Accident Report

Do pedestrians or bicyclists need to file an accident report if they are injured by a car or motor vehicle?  What should you do if you are injured by a hit-and-run driver?  Who will pay for your injuries?  No one leaves their house expecting to be hit by a car, truck or other vehicle while … Continued

What Are the Risks of Concussion for a Child in a Car Accident

What are the risks of concussion for a child in a car accident in Louisville or across Kentucky?  Many parents believe car seats are a protective cocoon which help to prevent injuries to a child in a car accident.  The substantial design and safety restraints built into a child car seat do help to substantially … Continued

Injury to the Sacroiliac Joint in a Louisville Car Accident

Injury to the sacroiliac joint in a Louisville car accident is quite common.  The sacroiliac joint basically links the lower back to the pelvis.  While there isn’t a lot of flexibility in this joint, the sacroiliac joint is important as it actually bears a lot of weight when we stand or sit.  One of the … Continued

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