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Why Hire an Experienced Injury Attorney to Handle your Case

Many people wonder you would need to hire an experienced injury attorney to handle your case and injury claims after a car accident.  The insurance adjuster will often attempt to subtly suggest you don’t need a lawyer.  It is important to remember the insurance company and their representatives are not paid to look after your … Continued

Neck and Back Injuries Are Common in Auto Accidents

Neck and Back injuries are common in auto accidents due to the nature of the forces associated with the impact of a vehicle collision.  One of the most common (and widely misunderstood) injuries to the neck is whiplash.  Whiplash is basically strains or pulled muscles due to the sudden lashing of the head back and … Continued

Dealing With the Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Are you or someone you love dealing with the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI after a motor vehicle accident?  What steps may be helpful for those who have suffered a head injury and the loved ones who support them? One of the most important issues is to seek prompt medical attention following … Continued

Rehabilitation for Brain Injuries

The cost of rehabilitation for brain injuries is an important part of the long term medical expenses which should be included in an insurance settlement.  HLH has consistently supported work on recovery and rehabilitation for brain injuries across our decades of service in Louisville. One of our HLH partners is a member of the Brain … Continued

Herniated Discs and Other Back Injuries are Common in Motorcycle Accidents

While many motorcyclists wear protective clothing, Kevlar armor and a helmet, they are not protected by layers of metal, airbags and other protections provided by other motor vehicles.  Herniated discs and other back injuries are common in motorcycle accidents in Louisville and throughout Kentucky. The vertebrae of your spinal column are separated by fluid-filled discs … Continued

Recovering for Lost Limbs or Amputations Resulting from Accidents

When a serious car crash or truck accident, industrial accident or railroad accident results in catastrophic injuries it is important to work with experienced and proven Louisville injury attorneys.  There are very few injuries which have the impact on your life than the loss of an arm, leg or even a single digit from your … Continued

Dashboard Knee is a Common Injury in a Louisville Car Accident

Dashboard knee is a common injury in a Louisville car accident and it is important to seek immediate medical attention for these injuries.  The forces associated with a car accident are quite severe, and can result in your knees making contact with the dashboard, console, door or steering column.  “Dashboard Knee” is a specific type … Continued

Life Altering Serious Injuries Require Experienced Louisville Injury Attorneys

The forces in a car accident or truck accident can be quite severe resulting in permanent injuries which will change your life forever.  Life altering serious injuries require experienced Louisville injury attorneys to ensure you receive the maximum financial recovery available to you under the law. Serious injuries often include several fractures and broken bones, … Continued

Louisville Accidents Resulting in Paralysis or Permanent Injuries

Louisville accidents resulting in paralysis or permanent injuries require experienced and skilled personal injury attorneys.  Injuries resulting in paralysis or the permanent loss in the range of motion of limbs or digits pose significant risk and cost to the responsible insurance companies.  The skilled lawyers and legal teams who represent the insurance industry are backed … Continued

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