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Common Symptoms Associated with a Brain Injury

Closed head injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are among some of the most serious injuries you may experience as the result of a car accident in Louisville.  What are some common symptoms associated with a brain injury and how can you recognize the signs of a brain injury after a motor vehicle accident? It … Continued

How Can You Get TBI in a Car Accident in Louisville

How can you get TBI in a car accident in Louisville?  What is Traumatic Brain Injury and how will these serious brain injuries affect your life after an accident?  TBI can either be classified as mild, moderate or severe.  The classification of a brain injury can depend upon the severity of the impact and whether … Continued

What Are Some of the Common Back Surgeries Required after Car Accident Injuries

What are some of the most common back surgeries required after car accident related injuries?  Why are there so many injuries related to the back and neck in a motor vehicle accident? Car accidents involve incredible forces which lash the body in all directions during impact.  Incredible G forces apply pressure to critical points in … Continued

Managing Chronic Pain and Depression after an Injury Accident

If you are injured in a motor vehicle collision you will need some guidance on managing chronic pain and depression after an injury accident.  The American Pain Foundation recently released a study citing the fact that 36 million Americans have dealt with chronic pain lasting over a year after an injury.  Depression is often a … Continued

Brain Injuries and Concussion from a Car Accident Affect Women More Adversely than Men

Scientific American recently published an article with astounding new insights into brain injuries and concussion from a car accident – these injuries affect women more adversely than men.  The report specifically states women suffer more concussions, have more symptoms and are unfortunately slower to recover from these injuries than men. Concussions are considered to be … Continued

The Impact of a Brain Injury From a Motor Vehicle Accident

Many people are not aware of the impact of a brain injury from a motor vehicle accident or the number of these injuries which occur every year in the United States.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a study which estimates 1.7 million people suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury or … Continued

Back-to-School Driving Tips to Avoid Injuries in a Car Accident

As students return to class the experienced personal injury attorneys at HLH would like to share a few back-to-school driving tips to avoid injuries in a car accident.  Returning to a normal school year schedule means more vehicles are going to be on the road, especially in the morning and at the end of each … Continued

Accidents and Injury in a Parking Lot

Many Louisville motorists underestimate the risk of accidents and injury in a parking lot.  Parking lots present substantial risk for motor vehicles, motorcyclists and pedestrians alike.  Space is always a premium for real estate developers and parking lots are not designed to be spacious and safety oriented.  They are often dark, not very well lit … Continued

Why Hire an Experienced Injury Attorney to Handle your Case

Many people wonder you would need to hire an experienced injury attorney to handle your case and injury claims after a car accident.  The insurance adjuster will often attempt to subtly suggest you don’t need a lawyer.  It is important to remember the insurance company and their representatives are not paid to look after your … Continued

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