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What Are the Risks of Concussion for a Child in a Car Accident

What are the risks of concussion for a child in a car accident in Louisville or across Kentucky?  Many parents believe car seats are a protective cocoon which help to prevent injuries to a child in a car accident.  The substantial design and safety restraints built into a child car seat do help to substantially … Continued

Injury to the Sacroiliac Joint in a Louisville Car Accident

Injury to the sacroiliac joint in a Louisville car accident is quite common.  The sacroiliac joint basically links the lower back to the pelvis.  While there isn’t a lot of flexibility in this joint, the sacroiliac joint is important as it actually bears a lot of weight when we stand or sit.  One of the … Continued

Back Injury and Spinal Trauma From a Louisville Car Accident

The long-term impact of back injury and spinal trauma from a Louisville car accident can affect every area of an injury victim’s life.  Spinal injury and back trauma can result in soft tissue injury such as herniated or ruptured discs or more serious injuries resulting in fusion procedures or permanent paralysis. The severity of a … Continued

Broken Bones and Fractures From a Car Accident May Require Hardware and Surgery

Broken bones are some of the most common injuries in a Louisville car accident.  Some broken bones are relatively minor, while other injuries are much more severe.  Broken bones and fractures from a car accident may require hardware and surgery to ensure the bones properly heal and to preserve full functionality after treatment. It is … Continued

Hidden Injuries after a Louisville Car Accident

What are the most common hidden injuries after a Louisville car accident?  Tens of thousands of Kentuckians are injured in a motor vehicle accident each year.  It may surprise you to learn many injury victims have no idea they’ve suffered a debilitating injury until days, weeks or even months after their car accident.  This is … Continued

Common Symptoms Associated with a Brain Injury

Closed head injuries and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are among some of the most serious injuries you may experience as the result of a car accident in Louisville.  What are some common symptoms associated with a brain injury and how can you recognize the signs of a brain injury after a motor vehicle accident? It … Continued

How Can You Get TBI in a Car Accident in Louisville

How can you get TBI in a car accident in Louisville?  What is Traumatic Brain Injury and how will these serious brain injuries affect your life after an accident?  TBI can either be classified as mild, moderate or severe.  The classification of a brain injury can depend upon the severity of the impact and whether … Continued

What Are Some of the Common Back Surgeries Required after Car Accident Injuries

What are some of the most common back surgeries required after car accident related injuries?  Why are there so many injuries related to the back and neck in a motor vehicle accident? Car accidents involve incredible forces which lash the body in all directions during impact.  Incredible G forces apply pressure to critical points in … Continued

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