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What Happens if You are Injured During a Lyft or Uber Ride?

What happens if you are injured during a Lyft or Uber ride?  Do you have a case for financial recovery due to your personal injury?  If you are a passenger of a ride-sharing service such as Lyft or Uber you will always have a personal injury claim if you are injured in a motor vehicle … Continued

What Happens When a Child is Injured in a Louisville Car Accident?

What happens when a child is injured in a Louisville car accident and how can the family recover the costs of treatment and recovery?  Accidents are obviously the most common cause of injury to a child.  One of the common sources of accidents resulting in injury to a child is a motor vehicle collision.  What … Continued

The Risk of Sepsis in a Kentucky Nursing Home

A major network news organization has been reporting on the risk of sepsis in a Kentucky nursing home and extended care facilities across the nation.  Recently, a private healthcare data analysis firm, Definitive Healthcare, conducted a complex analysis of data associated with the number of nursing home patients across the US who were transferred to … Continued

Fatal Accidents Due to a DUI are a Wrongful Death under Kentucky Law

Fatal accidents caused by a person who is Driving Under the Influence or DUI are tragic on many levels.  However, fatal accidents due to a DUI are a wrongful death under Kentucky law.  The experienced wrongful death attorneys at HLH help the family of the victim to hold a DUI driver financially liable for the … Continued

Is There a Bias That Motorcyclists Cause Their Own Wrecks

Is there a bias that motorcyclists cause their own wrecks?  How do insurance companies attempt to use this to deny or diminish a valid personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident? According to the Insurance Institute of America, most people across the country and many here in Kentucky will tell you they believe bikers are … Continued

Louisville Fatal Accidents Often Lead to Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Louisville fatal accidents often lead to wrongful death lawsuits.  If the victim of a fatal accident in Louisville or anywhere in Kentucky loses their life due to another driver’s fault or negligence it is known legally as a “wrongful death”.  Wrongful death cases can be quite legally complex, especially if the victim survived the accident … Continued

Louisville Car Accidents Which Result in Injury

Louisville car accidents which result in injury require the experience, legal skill and resources of Louisville’s most established personal injury law firm, Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC (HLH).  Founded in 1924, HLH represents injury victims throughout Louisville and across Kentucky. The Louisville metropolitan area has one of the highest number of car accidents with injury … Continued

Serious Injuries Require a Personal Injury Life Care Plan

Catastrophic injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident will have an impact on every aspect of the injured victim’s life.  These serious injuries require a personal injury life care plan to document and communicate the challenges an accident victim will face now and in the future as well as the financial cost and impact of … Continued

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