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Fatal Accidents Due to a DUI are a Wrongful Death under Kentucky Law

Fatal accidents caused by a person who is Driving Under the Influence or DUI are tragic on many levels.  However, fatal accidents due to a DUI are a wrongful death under Kentucky law.  The experienced wrongful death attorneys at HLH help the family of the victim to hold a DUI driver financially liable for the loss of their family member by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

There are time limits under the law for the family representative of a wrongful death to file a legal action.  The family cannot and should not wait to file the wrongful death lawsuit.  It is important to thoroughly investigate every aspect of the accident, police reports as well as available accidents.  It is very important to preserve the testimony of witnesses while their memory of events is still fresh and clear in their mind.

Fatal accidents due to a DUI are a wrongful death under Kentucky law.  No one can replace a beloved spouse, parent or child.  The family of a wrongful death victim has the right to seek compensation to recover the loss of a wage earner, as well as the loss of love, companionship and comfort provided by a spouse.  Parents can seek compensation for the loss and promise of a child, and children may be compensated for the loss of time they would have shared with their parent as well as the benefit of their wisdom and love.

If your family has lost someone you love in a DUI related accident we invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact HLH or call to speak with one of our experienced trial attorneys personally for a free consultation at (502) 583-9701.  There is no cost to you or your family out of pocket as HLH handles all wrongful death cases on a “contingency fee” basis.

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