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When gas prices are low are drivers more careless about speed?

Following a rather long period where gas prices were pretty high, the U.S. has recently been experiencing a time of relatively low gas prices. One positive result of this is that, for many, going to the pump isn’t quite as big of a hit to wallet as it was several months back. However, a recent … Continued

Should all tractor-trailers have collision alert systems?

One type of severe accident that sometimes occurs here in Kentucky are accidents in which a vehicle is rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. What can help prevent such accidents? One thing is truck drivers making sure to remain attentive when driving. Rear-end truck accidents sometimes come about as a result of a truck driver, through inattentiveness, failing … Continued

Safety steps a truck driver should take

Large commercial trucks can present a variety of unique safety issues out on the roads. For example, their sight lines, braking abilities, turning abilities, maneuverability and size can be quite different from other vehicles. This is why it is important for a truck driver to exercise great care when they are at the wheel of … Continued

Many different damages can be awarded in wrongful death cases

A loved one dying in an accident is among the most horrifying and heart-wrenching things a family can experience. This always difficult situation can be even worse if the death was completely preventable and the result of some other party not acting as carefully as they should have. These are typically referred to as wrongful … Continued

Some types of impaired driving going up, others going down

When it comes to impaired driving, much of the attention goes to drunk driving. However, alcohol is not the only thing that can leave a person’s driving abilities impaired. So too can illegal drugs and certain types of medications. It can be very important to remember that impaired driving can come in different forms. Is … Continued

Could ride-hailing services make drunk driving less common?

There are multiple options out there for people who are unable to drive themselves home because they have been drinking. A couple of the more common ones are to take a taxi home or to have a designated driver with you to bring you home. In recent times, an additional option has arisen in some … Continued

Brain injury treatment performs poorly in study

A traumatic brain injuries or TBI can be a very challenging injury. For one, these injuries can have numerous effects on their victims. One thing a Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI can cause in a person is bleeding in or near their brain. Such bleeding is called traumatic intracranial hemorrhage. This bleeding can be a significant … Continued

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