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Tracy Morgan struggles to cope with severe brain injury

Louisville residents likely recall hearing about the tragic truck accident into which comedian and actor Tracy Morgan was seriously injured and comedian, James McNair killed. According to a CNN news report, the truck driver, who crashed into the back of the vehicle carrying McNair, Morgan and three other occupants, had been awake for more than … Continued

Instances of Traffic Death on the decline in the U.S.

In some encouraging news, federal statistics indicate that instances of traffic death are becoming less common here in America. The statistics regard U.S. traffic fatalities in 2013. The statistics indicate that deaths from accidents on American roads fell 3 percent between 2012 and 2013. This reflects a trend the country has been experiencing in the past decade. … Continued

Texting while driving and experienced drivers

One trap that experienced drivers may fall into when it comes to texting while driving is thinking that their high level of experience when it comes to driving makes it so they can handle texting while driving better than other drivers and thus that avoiding texting while driving really isn’t that important for them. One … Continued

What are some common car seat errors?

Generally, all parents of small children want their kids to be as safe as possible when they are automobile passengers. One very important car safety step for parents to take when it comes to their kids is ensuring that, if their child is of an age/size that they should be in a car seat, that … Continued

Safe parking lot driving important when out holiday shopping

In December, holiday shopping is on the to-do lists of many individuals here in Kentucky. Thus, driving in a busy store parking lot is not at all an unusual situation for a Kentuckian to find themselves in this time of year. Given how hectic parking lots can be during the holiday shopping season, one thing … Continued

Study: ABS can be beneficial for motorcyclists of all caution levels

There are many different things that it can be important for motorcyclists to factor in when picking out a motorcycle to purchase. One is what safety features the motorcycles they are considering have. There are many different safety features motorcycles can have. One are antilock braking systems. The hope with ABS technology on motorcycles is that it … Continued

Tips for keeping teens from engaging in impaired driving

Readers may be surprised to learn that December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. While drivers of all ages could get behind the wheel of a car to drive while impaired an organization based in another state is focusing on teen drivers who engage in that activity. Accordingly, it has offered tips on how to … Continued

Brain injuries can affect a person in a wide range of ways

Some injuries are fairly limited in the effects they have on a person, while others impact all sorts of different aspects of a person’s life. Often, brain injuries fall into the latter category. Many different circumstances can result in a person suffering a brain injury. Whatever the circumstances, a brain injury can have many different … Continued

Log book records may not always be accurate

When a truck accident occurs, the log book records of the involved truck driver can be a very important and revealing piece of evidence regarding the accident. Such log books can shed light on many important issues, such as how long the truck driver had been on-duty prior to the accident and whether the truck driver … Continued

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