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Tracy Morgan struggles to cope with severe brain injury

Louisville residents likely recall hearing about the tragic truck accident into which comedian and actor Tracy Morgan was seriously injured and comedian, James McNair killed. According to a CNN news report, the truck driver, who crashed into the back of the vehicle carrying McNair, Morgan and three other occupants, had been awake for more than 24 hours when the accident occurred and admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel.

It’s been more than six months since Morgan lost his dear friend and suffered debilitating injuries including a severe brain injury. At a rare recent public appearance, Morgan admitted that he is “fighting every day” to recover from his injuries as he was seen walking with the aid of a walker.

A successful comedian who has starred in several television and movie roles, Morgan has been forced to put his career on hold as he attends therapy sessions and attempts to recover from what his attorney describes as a “severe brain injury.” Like all individuals who suffer brain injuries, Morgan’s prognosis is largely unknown.

While some of the effects of a brain injury are immediately apparent, other effects may surface later.  Extensive medical and rehabilitative treatment is required.

The human brain controls every bodily process and is extremely complex. Therefore an injury to the brain can have devastating consequences and result in deficiencies in cognitive functioning and mobility. Additionally, changes in brain functioning can affect an individual’s mood and many who suffer brain injuries subsequently also experience bouts of depression which makes dealing with one’s new reality and limitations that much more difficult.

Individuals who have suffered serious injuries in the wake of a motor vehicle accident may choose to take legal action. Treatments and therapies associated with a brain injury are costly and additional compensation may be awarded to account for long-term care expenses.

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