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Louisville Accidents Resulting in Paralysis or Permanent Injuries

Louisville accidents resulting in paralysis or permanent injuries require experienced and skilled personal injury attorneys.  Injuries resulting in paralysis or the permanent loss in the range of motion of limbs or digits pose significant risk and cost to the responsible insurance companies.  The skilled lawyers and legal teams who represent the insurance industry are backed … Continued

Did You Suffer Broken Bones in a Louisville Car Accident

Did you suffer broken bones in a Louisville car accident or a crash involving a truck, motorcycle or other motor vehicle?  Cars have much better design and safety equipment today.  The vehicle is designed to absorb more of the impact and energy of an accident while protecting the occupants as much as possible.  While this … Continued

What to do When a Louisville Car Accident Results in Serious Injuries

It can be hard to know what to do when a Louisville car accident results in serious injuries to you or someone you love.  You weren’t responsible for the accident, but you sure have to live with the result of it.  The good news is you don’t have to go it alone.  The experienced Louisville … Continued

Southern Indiana Train Accident

There was a southern Indiana train accident on Highway 31 and Bringham, in Sellersburg, yesterday.  The train is operated by Louisville & Indiana Railroad.  Witnesses stated that the vehicle involved in the collision “wasn’t moving on the tracks” when the fatal accident occurred. Accident reconstruction experts and police officers will examine the evidence at the … Continued

How Does an Injured Passenger Pursue an Injury Claim in Louisville Kentucky?

How does an injured passenger pursue an injury claim in Louisville Kentucky?  Can an injured passenger recover medical costs, lost wages and other expenses from the insurance of the driver who was at fault for the accident?  Kentucky law clearly establishes motorists have a legal obligation to observe all traffic laws and operate their vehicle in … Continued

Falls and Injury in Nursing Homes and Across Kentucky

Why is there such a high number of falls and injury in Louisville nursing homes and across Kentucky?  What can be done to protect your loved ones from nursing home injury and abuse, neglect or negligence? The appropriate level of care for our loved ones who reside in Louisville, Lexington and Kentucky nursing homes can … Continued

Fatal Accidents Increasing in Kentucky

Why are the number of fatal accidents increasing in Kentucky over the past 3 years?  According to Kentucky State Police the fatal accidents through Thanksgiving weekend in 2017 was equal to the same period in 2015.   2016 brought the highest number of traffic fatalities in the State of Kentucky in several years.  What can be … Continued

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