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Did You Suffer Broken Bones in a Louisville Car Accident

Did you suffer broken bones in a Louisville car accident or a crash involving a truck, motorcycle or other motor vehicle?  Cars have much better design and safety equipment today.  The vehicle is designed to absorb more of the impact and energy of an accident while protecting the occupants as much as possible.  While this has definitely led to a reduction in loss of life on Kentucky roads over the past few decades, fractures and broken bones in a Louisville car accident are still quite common.

The rib cage is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body in a car accident.  Your ribs protect your lungs and heart and other vital organs.  The impact of an accident can result in the body lunging forward in a fraction of second making impact with the steering wheel, side door or even the supports of the vehicle.  Broken ribs can result in serious and in some cases life-threatening injuries.  Closed fractures can puncture or cause damage to your internal organs.

Closed or compound fractures mean the complete break of the bone.   Hairline fractures mean the bone has been cracked but may not be broken all the way through.  Both can result in damage to the surrounding soft tissues and extensive pain and discomfort during recovery.  In some cases a surgeon may need to install “hardware” to reassemble comminuted fractures where the bone(s) have broken into several pieces, or to support weight bearing bones in the arms or legs.

If you have been forced to suffer broken bones in a Louisville car accident due to someone else’s fault we invite you to contact the experienced Louisville personal injury attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington or call and speak with one of our attorneys for a free consultation at (866) 583-9701.  There is no cost out of pocket to you or your family for our representation as we work on a contingency fee basis.  If you suffer broken bones in a Louisville car accident you will have substantial medical bills and will usually be forced to miss work.  We work to recover your medical bills, lost wages and compensation for all that you’ve been through and will endure in the future.

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