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Brain injuries can affect a person in a wide range of ways

Some injuries are fairly limited in the effects they have on a person, while others impact all sorts of different aspects of a person’s life. Often, brain injuries fall into the latter category.

Many different circumstances can result in a person suffering a brain injury. Whatever the circumstances, a brain injury can have many different types of effects on a person, such as:

  • Mental effects: Some examples of the mental impairments/conditions a brain injury can cause a person to develop are: memory loss, impairment of cognitive function, depression and anxiety problems.
  • Physical effects: Individuals sometimes develop physical disabilities as a result of a brain injury.
  • Social effects: Brain injuries can impact a person’s emotional state and their capabilities when it comes to social interactions. This can have impacts on their relationships. Sometimes, brain injuries can even cause a person to experience marital troubles.
  • Employment effects: Brain injuries sometimes cause a person to have to leave their job.
  • Financial effects: A person can incur significant medical expenses in relation to a brain injury.

It often isn’t fully clear right after a brain injury occurs how impactful the injury will be, as some effects of a brain injury take awhile to become apparent. Thus, a person may have all manner of different questions, concerns and worries following¬†suffering a brain injury.

Here at Hargadon Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC, we strive to provide brain injury victims with high-quality legal help and support carefully tailored to their specific circumstances. Among the things we can help our brain injury clients with are: trying to get appropriate medical treatment, figuring out the circumstances surrounding the incident in which the injury happened, looking into possible claims related to the injury and pursuing claims available to them.

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