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Study: ABS can be beneficial for motorcyclists of all caution levels

There are many different things that it can be important for motorcyclists to factor in when picking out a motorcycle to purchase. One is what safety features the motorcycles they are considering have. There are many different safety features motorcycles can have. One are antilock braking systems.

The hope with ABS technology on motorcycles is that it will make a motorcyclist safer by reducing the likelihood of skidding when braking and increasing a motorcyclists’ confidence in braking hard in emergencies.

Of course, when it comes to any motorcycle safety feature, an important question to ask is: does it actually have safety benefits? Past studies have indicated that having a motorcycle with ABS technology can reduce a motorcyclist’s likelihood of having to make a collision claim and of being involved in a fatal accident. However, these past studies did have limitations. One is that they did not take into account the caution level of the motorcyclists who were subjects of the studies. It was thought that this could have potentially affected the results.

In response to this, a study was conducted which endeavored to analyze the safety effects of ABS technology for motorcycles in a way that accounted for motorcyclist caution level. In the study, the researchers measured a motorcyclist’s caution level by looking at what the motorcyclist’s auto claims history was. Generally, the more claims a motorcyclist had in their auto claims history, the higher risk classification they were given. The researchers then looked at what effect having ABS technology on a motorcycle had on the motorcyclists in the different risk classifications. The study found that similar reductions in collision claims likelihood occurred for motorcyclists of all the different risk levels when they had a motorcycle with ABS technology.

Thus, the study appears to indicate that ABS technology can have safety benefits for motorcyclists of all different caution levels.

Of course, even when a motorcyclist is very vigilant about picking a motorcycle that has good safety features and about engaging in safe practices when out on the roads, this does not completely immunize them from suffering motorcycle accidents. Things such as poor weather conditions, poor road conditions and unsafe conduct by truck or car drivers can cause even the safest motorcyclist to be an accident victim. Attorneys can assist motorcycle accident victims in figuring out what the specific cause of their accident was.

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