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Many different damages can be awarded in wrongful death cases

A loved one dying in an accident is among the most horrifying and heart-wrenching things a family can experience. This always difficult situation can be even worse if the death was completely preventable and the result of some other party not acting as carefully as they should have. These are typically referred to as wrongful death cases.  They can leave families wondering why this happened to them and their deceased loved one and if there will be any accountability for what occurred.

Holding parties that committed negligence that caused someone’s death accountable for what they did is one of the things that wrongful death lawsuits can sometimes help with. Our firm can provide legal support and help to families who have had a loved one taken from them by negligence and are pursuing a wrongful death claim. We are committed to helping our wrongful death case clients fight for the damages they deserve.

There are many different ways that a loved one’s death can harm a family. Thus, it makes sense that, here in Kentucky, there are many different types of monetary damages that can be awarded to families that prevail in a wrongful death claim.

Some of these damages regard the purely financial losses a family can suffer from a loved one’s death, such as damages for loss of future wages and damages for loss of financial support.

Others, like pain and suffering damages, regard the pain a death can inflict on a family.

Damages can also be awarded for certain relationship losses that can come from a death, such as the loss of a parent-child relationship or the loss of the companionship and affection of a spouse.

While damages awarded in a successful wrongful death case can never make up for the loss of a loved one, they can at least perhaps help a family right their financial ship after the financial turmoil caused by such a death.

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