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Nursing Home Staffing Issues Lead to Neglect and Injuries

Recent findings in a study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) lead to a troubling conclusion: US nursing homes are overstating their staffing.  The fact is nursing home staffing issues lead to neglect and injuries for patients in those nursing homes. CMS provided a five star rating system for nursing homes which … Continued

Was Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Injury or Fatality Caused by Neglect?

Was your loved one’s nursing home injury or fatality caused by neglect?  What factors led to the nursing home fall which resulted in injury or a wrongful death?  Did the patient have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other special needs which required special care, attention or supervision? The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have well … Continued

A Fall Resulting in an Injury at a Nursing Home

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) noted the high risks of a fall resulting in an injury at a nursing home or skilled nursing facility.  This study noted an average of 2 to 3 falls each year for each bed in these facilities.  Head injuries including Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI are … Continued

Increases in Medication May Be a Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

Increases in medication may be a sign of nursing home neglect in Louisville or anywhere across the State of Kentucky.  According to a recent study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (MCS), nationally more than 17% of the patents in nursing homes and convalescent centers are given higher doses of antipsychotic medications each … Continued

Man Died after Leaving an Assisted Living Facility

An elderly man’s body was found in Cadiz, Kentucky.  The man died after leaving an assisted living facility named Better Senior Living.  These are some of the most tragic and difficult situations for a family to understand. Our Louisville law firm has successfully handled nursing home neglect and wrongful death cases for many years.  We … Continued

Study Examined Healthcare’s so-called “July Effect”

For some years, much has been written about the dangers of the “July effect” in nursing homes, hospitals and healthcare in general. This theory holds that the influx of new residents, fellows and interns at nursing homes and hospitals every July causes a decline in patient care, an increase in surgical errors and a rise … Continued

Seniors With Cognitive Impairments are More Likely to Suffer a Nursing Home Injury

According to a recent article in Neurology Advisor drawing upon source data published in the journal of the American Geriatrics Society, seniors with cognitive impairments are more likely to suffer a nursing home injury or fall.  How are Kentucky and Louisville nursing homes assessing the cognitive impairment of each resident and how are they applying … Continued

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse in Louisville

Nursing home and elder abuse in Louisville is unfortunately on the rise.  Louisville is home to many skilled nursing homes some of which have been sued in the past for nursing home and elder abuse. When you entrust your loved ones to the care of a skilled nursing facility, the biggest fear is that nursing … Continued

How Many Kentucky Nursing Home Patients are Injured in a Fall Each Year?

How many Kentucky nursing home patients are injured in a fall each year?  What percentage of Kentucky nursing home surveys by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) resulted in a “Health Deficiency of Immediate Jeopardy” in the most recent study?  According to the HHS’ most recent study, the Nursing Home Data Compendium, … Continued

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