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Diagnosing Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Do you need help diagnosing nursing home abuse and neglect in Louisville and across Kentucky?  Are you suspicious about bruises, wounds or nursing home injuries which your loved one has been forced to endure?  You’re not alone, and as America’s population continues to age we are hearing more stories of nursing home neglect, as well as physical, verbal and sexual abuse.  Over-medication is a common strategy for nursing homes with staffing issues.  Drugged patients require less frequent care.

The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there are 1.4 million resident patients in the more than 17,000 nursing homes across the US.  More than two-thirds of those facilities are operated by “for-profit” corporations.  Corporate ownership often results in pressure on local operators and nursing home managers to meet profit goals.  Are budgetary considerations more important to your loved one’s nursing home than staffing and quality of care?

What should you look for when diagnosing nursing home abuse and neglect?  The most obvious clues are small cuts and wounds, and other signs of clashes with nursing home staff.  The use of restraints often results in bruises in the area of the wrists, ankles, shoulders and mid-section.

Neglect often results in bed sores, however, look for signs of dehydration such as sunken eyes, low blood pressure, the inability to sweat or produce tears or dry mouth.  Dry pale skin and complaints of a nagging thirst are tell tale signs of potential dehydration and neglect.

Kentucky has established a high level of standards for the care of our loved ones in nursing home and assisted care facilities.  Any injury should be thoroughly investigated as the nursing home has direct liability for slip and fall injuries and other harm which manifests while a patient is under their care.

If you suspect your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, neglect or injury we invite you to contact HLH or call (866) 583-9701 to speak with one of our attorneys personally for a free consultation.

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