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Car Accidents in Louisville and Across Kentucky Up 4% According to State Police

The most recent accident and injury statistics released by the Kentucky State Police show car accidents in Louisville and across Kentucky up 4% compared to the previous year.  What are the causes of car accidents in Louisville and Jefferson County and how can we lower these numbers in the future?

The good news is alcohol and DUI-related accidents actually dropped compared to the previous year.  The number of Kentucky drivers who are using safety restraints in accidents also increased by 1%.  However, those who were not wearing their seat belts were 400% more likely to suffer a fatal injury and ten times more likely to experience an incapacitating injury.  Only 44% of those involved in a fatal accident were wearing their seat belts.

The data also shows we need to be more cautious when entering an intersection.  Intersection collisions represented 25.4% of all collisions statewide.  The failure to yield the right of way, such as turning left across oncoming traffic resulted in almost 11% of all collisions.  Distracted driving, inattention and the use of cell phones accounted for almost 25% of the accidents in Kentucky in the most recent year for which statistics are available.

The numbers for truck accidents are much higher.  Inattention and distracted driving accounted for almost 50% of Kentucky’s truck accidents.  Alcohol related truck accidents represented almost 9% of all truck collisions.

What can we learn from the fact that car accidents in Louisville and across Kentucky are up 4%?  The first lesson we can take away is the continued importance of fastening your seat belt.  Put away your cell phone and make sure it is out of reach so that you aren’t distracted by emails, texts or other cell phone use.  Use extra caution when entering an intersection, especially if you are turning left across oncoming traffic.

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