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A Louisville Car Accident Often Results in Broken Bones

A Kentucky or Louisville car accident often results in broken bones or fractures.  The impact of a car accident brings severe forces which compress and twist the body.  Impact with the steering column, windshield or windows, side support beams and other obstructions within the vehicle often results in broken bones and fractures.

It is not uncommon to suffer fractures to the shoulders, hips, knees, arms or legs.  The sudden twisting of the steering wheel often results in fractured wrists and fingers.  Rear-end accidents cause a sudden lurch forward followed by recoil which can damage vertebrae in the cervical spine or neck, thoracic spine or mid-back, or lumbar spine which is the lower back.  Vertebrae can be fractured in the front or back, chipped or splintered.  These injuries can threaten the spinal cord and may result in temporary or permanent paralysis.  There can also be fractures to the smaller bones in the back such as the transverse process or pedicles.

Side-impact and head-on accidents each create powerful forces which can result in broken clavicles, collar bones or damage to the hip or pelvis.  IF your head hits the windshield you may suffer a broken jaw, cheek bone or other fractures in the face or skull.

A Louisville car accident often results in broken bones which require hardware to repair.  In comminuted fractures the surrounding bone may fracture into several pieces or displaced bone fractures.  Surgeons use crews, plates and other hardware to reposition your bones to heal.

If you have suffered broken bones or other injuries in a car accident in Kentucky we invite you to review the recommendations of the legal industry and our past clients and contact Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington for a free consultation at (502) 583-9701.  There is no cost to you out of pocket as we don’t charge any fee until you have recovered money for your medical bills, lost wages, expenses and the pain of having to endure your injuries and recovery.  If you wish to meet and are too injured to travel we will come to you.

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