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Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Accidents that Result in Permanent Injury

What is a Life Care Plan and why is it important in Louisville car accidents, truck crashes and motorcycle accidents which result in serious and permanent injury?  Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accidents result in serious injuries that leave permanent disability for the surviving victims. This can be the result of a serious head injury such as a traumatic brain injury, or as a result from paralysis or quadriplegia. What happens in these cases? How does the accident victim and their family cope with the impact the accident will have on the rest of their life?

At Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC  we have decades of experience in many of these cases.  The legal work in a permanent injury case can become quite sophisticated and complex in order to achieve a just outcome for the accident victim. One of the components of the legal strategy for recovery is the creation of a “Life Care Plan”. The Life Care Plan takes into account all of the medical needs of the patient for the foreseeable future as well as any other cost, expense or economic impact relating to the injuries received in the accident.

Quantifying and Documenting the Patients Care and Future Requirements for the Jury Through a Life Care Plan

The life care plan will quantify and document all associated present future care needs for the patient, the timing of those services and the accumulated costs that will result. The plan requires the combined skills of medical expertise, economic modeling and financial planning. Typical questions covered extensively in the report will include:

  • What is the patient’s life expectancy?
  • What services will be needed?
  • What equipment will the patient require, and how long will that equipment last?
  • What modifications are required to the patient’s home? Their vehicles?
  • What is the Impact of the accident on the patient’s ability to earn an income? How does that compare to previous earnings potential?
  • What are the financial indicators such as projected interest rates, present and future pricing fluctuations and discount factors associated with the present day value of these services?

You Only Have One Opportunity to Resolve the Case

All present and future medical costs, expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, physical accommodations and economic impact must be carefully analyzed and calculated. There is only one payment by the insurance companies in these cases, whether it is obtained by a trial verdict or in a settlement. One cannot come back down the road and say “we didn’t realize that X would present, or that Y would happen.” That is why it is so important to select and work with a proven and experienced injury and trial attorney.

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