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Coal Truck Accidents Often Result in Serious Injury

Accidents related to coal trucking continue to occur throughout Kentucky and coal truck accidents often result in serious injury or wrongful death in fatal accidents.  According to recent statistics released by the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence show western Kentucky coal fields still account for almost 60% of the coal production in our … Continued

Truck Accident Injury Cases are Quite Legally Complex

Kentucky and Louisville truck accident injury cases are quite legally complex.  Truck accident cases often involve multiple layers of insurance covering the driver, the truck itself and the owner and/or operator of the truck in question.  This is why it is important to work with the experienced and proven truck accident attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan … Continued

Head on Collision with Tractor Trailer

Last week there was a head on collision with a tractor trailer in Louisville.  It happened on the Gene Snyder near Old Henry Road.  In this instance, the semi crossed the median and struck a car in the oncoming lane.  The driver of the car sustained critical injuries and was taken to the hospital.  The … Continued

Southern Indiana Trucking Fatality

Summertime typically means an increase in road construction and repair.  A local truck driver was tragically involved in a Southern Indiana trucking fatality this week.  Bridge repair was being done near Seymour, Indiana.  INDOT parked a large truck in the roadway on I-65 to alert oncoming drivers and to protect workers. The driver of the … Continued

A Louisville Truck Accident Case Requires an Experienced Injury Attorney

Kentucky is home to some of the busiest interstates and state routes in the US.  The amount of commercial trucking combined with local UPS, FED Ex, delivery vehicles, coal and lumber trucks unfortunately leads to a number of accidents throughout Kentucky.  A Louisville truck accident case requires an experienced injury attorney with extensive and proven … Continued

Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Truck Accident Case

If you or a loved one has been injured in a wreck involving a semitruck, tractor trailer or other type of heavy truck or commercial vehicle, there’s little time to waste in obtaining representation.  You need a lawyer who knows how to handle a truck accident case. Although you may have found numerous personal injury lawyers … Continued

Tractor Trailer Drivers are People Too

When you see a behemoth of a semi-truck or tractor trailer barreling down the highway carrying tons of goods, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that it is not just a massive machine. It is being operated by a human being. That fact has the potential to be a good thing or … Continued

Should all tractor-trailers have collision alert systems?

One type of severe accident that sometimes occurs here in Kentucky are accidents in which a vehicle is rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. What can help prevent such accidents? One thing is truck drivers making sure to remain attentive when driving. Rear-end truck accidents sometimes come about as a result of a truck driver, through inattentiveness, failing … Continued

Safety steps a truck driver should take

Large commercial trucks can present a variety of unique safety issues out on the roads. For example, their sight lines, braking abilities, turning abilities, maneuverability and size can be quite different from other vehicles. This is why it is important for a truck driver to exercise great care when they are at the wheel of … Continued

Some types of impaired driving going up, others going down

When it comes to impaired driving, much of the attention goes to drunk driving. However, alcohol is not the only thing that can leave a person’s driving abilities impaired. So too can illegal drugs and certain types of medications. It can be very important to remember that impaired driving can come in different forms. Is … Continued

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