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Car Accident Injuries in Louisville Require Experienced Injury Attorneys

Car accident injuries in Louisville and across the State of Kentucky require experienced injury attorneys.  There are many parties who will want payment for services after your injuries- including hospitals, doctors, professional groups, physical therapy and even your health insurance company.  It is important to try to make sure that any settlement with insurance representatives … Continued

Injuries From a Car Accident in an Intersection

One of the most common types of Kentucky personal injury cases are injuries from a car accident in an intersection or turning lane.  The Kentucky State Police report that almost half of serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident occur when the vehicles collide at an angle or in a “T-bone” or side impact.  Most … Continued

Louisville and I-65 Among Most Deadly

A report authored in December of 2017 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA), listing I-65, which goes through Louisville, among the most deadly highways in the US.  Interstate 65 runs from Mobile, Alabama to Gary, Indiana.  The total length is just over 887 miles.  There are 137 miles of I-65 in Kentucky.  Louisville … Continued

Did You Suffer Broken Bones in a Louisville Car Accident

Did you suffer broken bones in a Louisville car accident or a crash involving a truck, motorcycle or other motor vehicle?  Cars have much better design and safety equipment today.  The vehicle is designed to absorb more of the impact and energy of an accident while protecting the occupants as much as possible.  While this … Continued

What to do When a Louisville Car Accident Results in Serious Injuries

It can be hard to know what to do when a Louisville car accident results in serious injuries to you or someone you love.  You weren’t responsible for the accident, but you sure have to live with the result of it.  The good news is you don’t have to go it alone.  The experienced Louisville … Continued

Southern Indiana Train Accident

There was a southern Indiana train accident on Highway 31 and Bringham, in Sellersburg, yesterday.  The train is operated by Louisville & Indiana Railroad.  Witnesses stated that the vehicle involved in the collision “wasn’t moving on the tracks” when the fatal accident occurred. Accident reconstruction experts and police officers will examine the evidence at the … Continued

How Does an Injured Passenger Pursue an Injury Claim in Louisville Kentucky?

How does an injured passenger pursue an injury claim in Louisville Kentucky?  Can an injured passenger recover medical costs, lost wages and other expenses from the insurance of the driver who was at fault for the accident?  Kentucky law clearly establishes motorists have a legal obligation to observe all traffic laws and operate their vehicle in … Continued

Do You Need an Experienced Attorney to Handle Your Louisville Car Accident Injury Claim

Do you need the experienced attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington (HLH) to handle your Louisville car accident injury claim or case?  The short answer is “absolutely, yes.”  Insurance companies and their adjusters have one goal regarding your injury case: save money- whether that be by settling for the lowest possible dollar amount, or making the … Continued

Soft Tissue Injuries in a Louisville Car Accident

In the immediate aftermath many injury victims do not realize they have suffered soft tissue injuries in a Louisville car accident or motor vehicle crash.  It is not unusual for a person to get out of the car and after giving themselves a quick surface-level examination deciding on their own they are “ok.”  Many people … Continued

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