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Parents need to have safety talks with teen drivers

The school year is ending soon and high school students will be back on the roads in full force. For parents in Louisville and throughout Kentucky and the rest of the country, it’s important to talk with teen drivers about staying vigilant and safe on the roads. At Hargadon, Lenihan and Herrington, PLLC, we want … Continued

A Dangerous Intersection Claims Another Life

Dangerous intersections It seems at least every town or county has at least one dangerous intersection that locals are wary of after seeing plenty of accidents over the years. When an intersection claims lives or leaves people injured, is responsibility solely on the drivers? What about the entities responsible for planning and maintaining our roads? … Continued

When gas prices are low are drivers more careless about speed?

Following a rather long period where gas prices were pretty high, the U.S. has recently been experiencing a time of relatively low gas prices. One positive result of this is that, for many, going to the pump isn’t quite as big of a hit to wallet as it was several months back. However, a recent … Continued

Some types of impaired driving going up, others going down

When it comes to impaired driving, much of the attention goes to drunk driving. However, alcohol is not the only thing that can leave a person’s driving abilities impaired. So too can illegal drugs and certain types of medications. It can be very important to remember that impaired driving can come in different forms. Is … Continued

Could ride-hailing services make drunk driving less common?

There are multiple options out there for people who are unable to drive themselves home because they have been drinking. A couple of the more common ones are to take a taxi home or to have a designated driver with you to bring you home. In recent times, an additional option has arisen in some … Continued

Driver fatality rates for late-model vehicles going down

There have been many improvements in auto technologies in recent times. Some of these have been safety improvements. Based on the findings of a recent study, it appears that improved safety in new cars is helping cut down on driver fatality rates here in the United States. The study looked at what the driver fatality rate … Continued

Where fault doesn’t matter: PIP claims

There are a wide variety of different options a motorist who is the victim of an auto collision may have for seeking out compensation for injuries and other harms suffered in the crash. The availability of some of these options depends on who was at fault in the crash. Today though, we will be talking … Continued

Is it bad for kids to watch movies featuring reckless driving?

There are many things in our culture that can have influences on children. One are the movies. The findings of a recent study raise an intriguing question about kids and the movies: could having watched certain types of movies as a kid make a teen driver or a young adult driver more likely to engage … Continued

Dogs and distracted driving – part 2

As we mentioned in our last post, there are many ways a driver could be distracted by a canine passenger. One thing that can help make a dog less of a distraction to a driver is the dog’s movement being restricted. Thus, one dog-related distraction prevention step drivers can take is to get a pet … Continued

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