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Does Daylight Savings Time Increase the Number of Car Accidents

Does daylight savings time increase the number of car accidents and resulting injuries?  We set our clocks forward an hour this past weekend, meaning many people got an hour less sleep than normal.   Even those who may feel like they got enough sleep notice the change in the rhythm of daylight hours which affects their sleep cycles.

Regardless, the American Automobile Association (AAA) advises seven to eight hours of sleep every night.  While almost 95% of drivers in a recent AAA study believe its dangerous to drive without enough sleep at night almost 30% admitted to driving while extremely fatigued in the past month.  The failure to get enough sleep has a measurable effect on your ability to safely drive a motor vehicle.  People who have only had one to hours of sleep should never drive.

A separate AAA report found those who only slept for five hours the night before driving suffered impairment of awareness, judgement and reflexes which substantially increased the likelihood of a car crash resulting in serious injuries.

The changes in our daily rhythms associated with daylight savings time increase the number of car accidents.  This will continue for several more days.  AAA recommends allowing extra time to fall asleep at night, and plenty of water consumption during the day.  If you are driving and feel the least bit sleepy you should pull over and take a brisk walk around or near your vehicle, or take a break for coffee or another refreshment.  A little extra awareness can help to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents each day in Louisville and across Kentucky.

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