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Filing a Personal Injury Claim as a Passenger After a Car Accident

Filing a personal injury claim as a passenger after a car accident can be challenging for anyone.  This is why it is important to seek the advice and counsel of the experienced accident and injury attorneys at HLH.  You had no control over the accident and now you are forced to deal with injuries which will result in expensive medical bills, not to mention time off of work and lost wages.

What is a successful strategy for filing a personal injury claim as a passenger after a car accident and how can you make sure you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries?  The primary source of recovery in these cases are the driver(s) responsible for causing the accident.  In many cases, each driver may share a portion of the blame, or the majority of the fault may lie with the driver of the car in which you were a passenger.

If you are injured in a car accident as a passenger in Louisville or anywhere in Kentucky you always have a valid personal injury claim.  If possible, make sure you obtain detailed insurance information and policy details from each driver.  HLH attorneys will work on your behalf to determine all valid sources of recovery in your case.

“I don’t want to sue my friend!”  Many people are concerned about how the accident will affect their relationship with the driver of the car, often a friend or work associate.  It is often not necessary to file a lawsuit against the driver of the car you were traveling in.  HLH’s experienced personal injury attorneys hold the insurance company fully accountable for all financial damages associated with your claim including pain and suffering, lost wages and all medical bills past and present.

We understand the challenges of filing a personal injury claim as a passenger after a car accident in Louisville and we want to help.  We invite you to contact us or call (866) 583-9701 to speak with one of our experienced injury attorneys personally for a free consultation.  Learn how we can help to achieve the best outcome in your case while doing everything possible to preserve relationships which are important to you.

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