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Tired Truck Drivers: As Dangerous As Drunk Drivers?

Truck drivers often spend long hours on the road. They must sometimes drive well into the late night hours. Because of their profession, they are particularly susceptible to “highway hypnosis” and driver fatigue, both of which increase the risk of a truck accident.According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 100,000 motor vehicle accidents occur nationwide as a result of fatigued driving. A significant portion of these accidents occur at night, when the truck driver’s circadian rhythm may lead to increased sleepiness. Many studies have found that driver fatigue can mimic – and cause the same levels of impairment – as distracted driving and  drunk driving.


Hours-Of-Service Rules and Driver Fatigue

Because of the danger stemming from driver fatigue, federal laws and regulations limit the number of hours that truckers may drive. Truck drivers must also take mandatory breaks and rest times between trips.

These “hours-of-service” rules can be complicated. However, it is the responsibility of the truck driver as well as his or her employer to ensure complete compliance.

Getting To The Root Of The Accident

Despite the important rules governing hours of service, drivers and their employers sometimes push the limits. Truck drivers are paid by the mile, giving them a profit motivation to drive faster and longer. Likewise, truck dispatchers also have a profit motivation to keep drivers on the road for longer hours. Violations of hours-of-service rules create a significant risk to public safety.  A commercial truck accident usually results in serious injuries to those involved.

Drivers may fail to accurately complete logs or even falsify them to portray compliance with hours-of-service rules. The truck’s “black box” of onboard data can illuminate what really happened. The data indicates exactly where the driver was and when. Piecing together this information can paint an accurate picture of the circumstances leading up to the accident, which in turn can help assign fault to the parties responsible.

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