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The construction industry often requires working at great heights. Construction workers must perform labor-intensive tasks while balancing on ladders, roofs or scaffolding. Poor weather conditions – such as rain, fog, sleet or snow – can make these feats all the more dangerous.

Because of the inherent dangers involved in construction work, accidents happen all too frequently. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls are the leading cause of construction-related deaths. In fact, one-third of all construction deaths every year are due to falls.

A Tragic Reality: Most Accidents Are Preventable

Fall accidents are often preventable. Construction site managers, supervisors and workers must adhere to detailed safety rules and regulations established by OSHA. Many of these rules are designed to minimize fall hazards. Depending on the circumstances, multiple types of safety devices and fall arrest measures may be required, including:

  • Safety harnesses
  • Lifeline systems
  • Safety nets
  • Shock absorbers
  • Railings

This equipment must be properly inspected and maintained to ensure that it functions properly, and workers must be adequately trained in how to safely use the equipment.

In some cases, the source of the accident may spring from the equipment itself. Defective ladders, scaffolding, railings, safety harnesses and stairways can lead to tragic injuries or fatalities.

Victim Of A Construction Site Fall In Louisville Or Surrounding Area?

In the aftermath of a devastating construction accident, your future may seem uncertain. You may feel hopeless. While nothing can turn back the hands of time, there are many paths to seeking justice, financial recovery and closure through the legal system.

At the Kentucky law firm of Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC, we can help you explore these options. Since 1925, we have proudly represented victims of work-related injuries and their families. Our attorneys are leaders in the personal injury field. Visit our Verdicts page to learn about some of our outstanding results, including multimillion-dollar victories we have earned for clients.

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