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Losing a loved one is never easy. When that loss is compounded by financial strain, the burden can be doubly difficult. If your loved one’s death was the result of another’s negligence, you should not have to bear the financial toll. A wrongful death claim allows the family of the victim to hold those responsible financially accountable. You may be entitled to significant monetary damages through a wrongful death claim.

Determining The Financial Fallout Of Your Loss

Louisville KY Wrongful Death LawyerPut simply, the wrongful death claim exists to compensate surviving family members for the financial fallout from the loss of a loved one – a fallout that often spans a lifetime. While the lifelong emotional void left by your loved one can never be reduced to a dollar amount, you can still quantify certain aspects of what you have lost. For example, you may be able to recover monetary damages for:

  • Loss of financial support
  • Loss of future wages
  • Loss of affection and companionship of a spouse
  • Loss of a parent-child relationship

A wrongful death claim will also allow you to recover damages for the conscious pain and suffering your loved one suffered as a result of the accident. In cases involving extreme negligence or deliberate harm, you may be entitled to significant punitive damages designed to punish the wrongdoer.

A Solid Foundation For Success

Successfully pursuing a wrongful death claim requires momentous skill and effort. Wrongful death cases are often complex, potentially involving many layers of conflicting stories about what really happened. Your attorney must be able to sift through voluminous evidence to build a strong position and develop compelling arguments.

At Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC, the most established personal injury firm in Louisville, we excel at successfully navigating wrongful death cases. Our attorneys provide dedicated, compassionate representation for families of injury victims. We leverage more than 100 years of combined experience as well as a network of world-renowned experts to provide a solid foundation for outstanding results.

Since 1924, we have earned numerous multimillion-dollar victories in wrongful death cases.

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A relatively swift deadline applies to wrongful death claims, so the sooner you consult with an attorney, the better. Call (502) 583-9701 or (866) 583-9701 or contact us online to learn more about the potential types of recovery. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, our lawyers handle cases throughout the region. Initial consultations are FREE of charge.

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