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Another Piece Of The Truck Accident Puzzle: The Load

The improper securing of a load is another cause of truck accidents in Louisville and across Kentucky.  The truck was properly maintained, a careful professional driver was behind the wheel and the roads were in perfect condition. But an accident happened anyway because the safety of a tractor-trailer rig is only as strong as its weakest link.Improperly secured cargo results in many accidents on Kentucky roadways each year due to loads shifting under transit, instability resulting in jackknifing and rollovers, or goods spilling onto roadways.

Failure To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail

At Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, we believe that trucking companies and their insurance carriers should not be able to fall back on the excuse of “accidents happen.” Is it really an accident when people fail to take proper precautions and someone is injured as a result? There is a clear cause and effect, and we will fight to make sure you are compensated for the serious injuries or wrongful death you or your family have been through.

What should truck drivers and trucking companies be doing to prevent improper securing of a load or cargo?

  • Using proper restraints to secure cargo inside trailers
  • Stacking cargo in a manner that promotes stability
  • Restraining cargo with proper tie-downs on flat bed trailers

Failure to maintain restraints and take other actions to adequately secure cargo and avoid falling debris is not only lazy, it is negligent. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and pursue compensation from all available sources, including manufacturers of cargo restraint devices, truck drivers and trucking companies.

Truck Accident Representation In Louisville And Nationwide

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