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Driver fatality rates for late-model vehicles going down

There have been many improvements in auto technologies in recent times. Some of these have been safety improvements. Based on the findings of a recent study, it appears that improved safety in new cars is helping cut down on driver fatality rates here in the United States.

The study looked at what the driver fatality rate was for registered model year 2011 cars and light trucks through 2012. The rate the study came up with was 28 driver deaths for every million vehicles. This is a big drop from the rate that was present for 2008 model year vehicles through 2009, which was 48 deaths per million vehicles.

Reductions in driving in the U.S. are one of the things that the organization behind the study, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, has pointed to as a potential contributor to this drop in driver death rates for late-model vehicles.  Still, serious risks still remain.  We can’t lull ourselves to sleep when it comes to safe driving.

The institute also points to improvements in new vehicle safety as a major factor. Electronic stability control becoming more common in vehicles, structural changes and side airbags are some of the safety improvements that are identified as ones that may have helped in this regard.

It is encouraging to see that new cars, generally, are getting safer and safer. However, even with all these auto safety improvements, negligent conduct by a driver (such as impaired driving, aggressive driving, fatigued driving or distracted driving) can still result in the deaths of innocent motorists.

Thus, safe driving is something that should be the highest priority for all drivers when on the roads.  The risks are even higher with those aggressive drivers are behind the wheel of tractor trailers, coal trucks and other large vehicles. Don’t let the advances in safety systems cause you to drop your guard.  Safe roadways are important to all of us.

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