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Southern Indiana Trucking Fatality

Southern Indiana Trucking FatalitySummertime typically means an increase in road construction and repair.  A local truck driver was tragically involved in a Southern Indiana trucking fatality this week.  Bridge repair was being done near Seymour, Indiana.  INDOT parked a large truck in the roadway on I-65 to alert oncoming drivers and to protect workers.

The driver of the truck struck the INDOT truck and was later pronounced dead at the site.  The accident occurred at approximately 12:30a.m.

Each time there’s an accident involving a trucking fatality, key factors will be investigated.  The authorities will immediately try to secure the truck’s black box.  This device will provide crucial information as to:

  • How fast the truck was going just prior to impact
  • Were the brakes being applied at the time?
  • Did the driver attempt to downshift?
  • Were the lights operating properly?
  • And many other pieces of data

The state police and other investigators will also want to evaluate how well the construction zone was protected.  There are laws placing strict requirements on the construction company to properly alert drivers.  They’ll try to determine factors such as:

  • Was the location properly illuminated and correctly functioning?
  • Was the large truck parked at a proper distance ahead of the workers?
  • Were proper signage and barriers deployed to alert oncoming traffic?
  • And many others

Southern Indiana is a dangerous accident zone for drivers.  Over the past several years, there have been a series of major construction projects related the new I-65 bridge and repair to the original bridge surface.  Lane changes and uneven pavement can be particularly dangerous.

Whenever the normal traffic lanes have been altered, extreme caution should be used.  It’s not uncommon for automobiles and tractor trailers to drift into another lane.  While CDL drivers have hours of training to avoid accidents, unfamiliar roadways pose a threat to most drivers.

Highway and roadway construction zones have reduced speed limits, but those are often ignored by drivers. These place drivers, their passengers and others at risk for serious injuries, any one of which may result in a traffic fatality.

Unfortunately, accidents involving distracted drivers, especially due to cell phone usage, are all too common.  We don’t know if the driver in this article was distracted.  However, the investigators involved in this accident will seek to discover evidence of the driver’s condition including:

  • Cell phone records
  • Driver logs
  • Blood tests (for alcohol and/or other substances)
  • And other evidence

Our hearts go out to the family of this driver.  Any time there’s a Kentucky or Southern Indiana traffic fatality, we know a family will be changed forever.  Construction zone accidents in Southern Indiana can be reduced if we all do our best to stay alert.  We hope this situation doesn’t affect someone you know.

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