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Do You Need an Experienced Attorney to Handle Your Louisville Car Accident Injury Claim

Do you need the experienced attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington (HLH) to handle your Louisville car accident injury claim or case?  The short answer is “absolutely, yes.”  Insurance companies and their adjusters have one goal regarding your injury case: save money- whether that be by settling for the lowest possible dollar amount, or making the process so difficult that you quit making a claim.  HLH can share literally hundreds of examples where the initial offer from the insurance company was far lower than the amount our attorneys rightfully achieved for our clients.

Insurance adjusters are highly trained experts.  They are usually quite friendly, and are skilled at developing inter-personal relationships.  Their goal is to quickly befriend you while seeming quite concerned about your Louisville car accident injury claim and case.  They will often assure you that an attorney is not required.  This is simply not the truth. Do not speak to an adjuster about your injuries before speaking to an attorney.

Many common injuries in car accidents require weeks or months to actually present symptoms.  You should see your primary care physician or at least visit an urgent care or emergency room within 24 hours of the accident to be thoroughly examined.  Those bumps and bruises may be hiding much more serious injuries.  In many cases auto accident victims actually feel somewhat fine after the accident, only to develop painful issues a few weeks later.

Damage to soft tissue around the neck and spine may take a few days to present.  Damage to the vertebrae in your spinal column and the discs which provide padding between each vertebrae can take several weeks to present.  Even obvious and serious injuries will require time in order for a complete picture of your present and future medical expenses and recovery to be known.  There may be modifications required for your home or vehicle.  You may miss a substantial amount of work, and in some cases you may not be able to return to work at all.

There is no cost to you to seek the expert advice of HLH’s experienced and skilled injury attorneys.  We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact us or call (502) 583-9701 for a free consultation.  There is no cost to you out of pocket for our representation as we are only paid once we successfully recover payment for your medical bills, associated expenses, lost wages and compensation for the injuries and recovery you’ve been forced to endure.

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