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Louisville and I-65 Among Most Deadly

Interstate 65

A report authored in December of 2017 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA), listing I-65, which goes through Louisville, among the most deadly highways in the US.  Interstate 65 runs from Mobile, Alabama to Gary, Indiana.  The total length is just over 887 miles.  There are 137 miles of I-65 in Kentucky.  Louisville is rated as the most deadly location along I-65.

According to the data, there are 0.48 deaths per mile on Interstate 65.

The rankings are based on traffic fatality data gathered between 2011 and 2015.

Hargadon, Lenihan and Herrington, PLLC has handled many traffic fatality cases from across Kentucky, including accidents on I-65, I-64, I-75 and I-71.  We have extensive experience litigating highly-complex collisions involving tractor trailers.


Other reports show the deadly history of Interstate 65 in Kentucky.

2016:  I-65 had 2,903 Collisions resulting in 17 fatalities and 715 injuries.

2015:  I-65 had 2,837 Collisions resulting in 13 fatalities and 661 injuries.

2014:  I-65 had 2,505 Collisions resulting in 12 fatalities and 530 injuries.

2013:  I-65 had 2,244 Collisions resulting in 19 fatalities and 602 injuries.


Interestingly, I-75 also made the list.  This interstate runs from Sault Ste. Marie, MI to Miami Lakes, FL). I-75 is a primary interstate through Kentucky- going through London, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky.  It is the primary north-south interstate in Eastern Kentucky.  The report indicates that highway has 0.599 deaths per mile. There are almost 192 miles of this roadway in Kentucky.

In just a couple of months, many Kentucky families and students will hit the road for spring break.  Interstates 65 and 75 are two of the most popular routes for those beach destinations.  We hope you’ll take time to remember that I-65 and I-75 can be convenient, but extremely dangerous.  Take time to review this information with your high school and college-age students.

Many of the car wrecks and traffic fatalities our firm has handled were due to inattentive or distracted drivers.  Please keep this in mind as you prepare for your trip.  We want you to get there and back, safely.


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