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Truck Accident Injury Cases are Quite Legally Complex

Kentucky and Louisville truck accident injury cases are quite legally complex.  Truck accident cases often involve multiple layers of insurance covering the driver, the truck itself and the owner and/or operator of the truck in question.  This is why it is important to work with the experienced and proven truck accident attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC if you have been injured in a truck accident.  We have the legal skill, experience, expertise and resources to stand up to the powerful insurance companies representing the truck and the company who owns it and hold them financially accountable for the serious injuries you or your loved one have been forced to sustain.

One of the central questions which must be answered in a Kentucky truck injury accident is “Why did this collision occur?”  There are often multiple factors which contributed to the accident itself, and often multiple parties who played a role in what actually caused the accident.  This is why truck accident injury cases are quite legally complex to resolve.  These cases require an extensive investigation.  The attorneys at HLH interview witnesses, examine the driver’s logs, maintenance records and the “black box” for the truck itself.  Was there a mechanical failure resulting from poor fleet safety and maintenance?  Was the load improperly secured or was the driver improperly trained or certified to be operating the vehicle in question?

We also look into the truck driver’s actions leading up to the accident.  Was the truck driver using their cell phone to text or email?  Was the truck driver under the influence of alcohol or a drug or narcotic?  Was the truck driver simply exhausted after being on the road for too many hours against the requirements of Kentucky and federal law?

Truck accident injury cases require thorough and detail oriented attorneys with extensive trial experience.  HLH attorneys have extensive experience representing the victims of commercial truck accidents.  We know how to communicate the story of what happened to you or your loved ones to the jury in a powerful way.  The case may require accident reconstruction or the preparation of a “Life Care Plan” if serious and permanent injuries occurred.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a Kentucky or Louisville truck accident we invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact HLH or call (502) 583-9701 to speak personally with one of our experienced injury attorneys for a free consultation.  Learn how HLH is uniquely experienced to handle the complex legal issues associated with truck accident injury cases in Kentucky and protect your family’s interests.

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