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Coal Truck Accidents Often Result in Serious Injury

Accidents related to coal trucking continue to occur throughout Kentucky and coal truck accidents often result in serious injury or wrongful death in fatal accidents.  According to recent statistics released by the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence show western Kentucky coal fields still account for almost 60% of the coal production in our state.

Coal trucks are quite common throughout Louisville and Western Kentucky.  Coal trucking remains an important part of this industry and while production declines coal concerns and associated trucking companies continue to search for ways to cut costs and retain profit.  The most recent statistics from the Kentucky State Police show these strategies may have had an impact on all Kentucky truck accidents as well as those associated with coal trucks.

The leading cause of fatal Kentucky truck accidents are tire failure, defective brakes and improper load securement.  Overweight vehicles are often at fault for truck collisions resulting in injury or the loss of life.  As coal concerns work to cut costs one of the areas which suffer neglect is fleet safety and maintenance.  When poor vehicle maintenance is combined with rural winding roads and heavy traffic on State Routes and interstates it is no surprise that coal truck accidents often result in serious injuries such as serious head injuries, broken bones and paralysis and wrongful death.

The experienced truck accident attorneys at Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington have extensive experience in these legally complicated cases.  We thoroughly investigate the accident and all factors which led to your injuries.  We identify all the parties who contributed to the accident and determine the best way to hold them financially accountable for your injuries.  We work to maximize your financial recovery for all medical costs, lost income and fair compensation for having to endure your injuries and recovering from what has happened.

Coal truck accidents often result in serious injury or wrongful death in fatal accidents.We invite you review the recommendations of the legal industry and our clients and contact HLH or call (502) 583-9701 to speak with an experienced coal truck injury attorney for a free consultation.  Learn more about our past successes in these cases and all we can do to help achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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