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Cell Phone Resulted in a Distracted Driving Fatality

Louisville Injury Distracted Driving Fatality AttorneyThe Lexington Herald Leader ran a follow-up story to a tragedy it reported on in March.  A cell phone resulted in a distracted driving fatality.  The collision occurred in Florence, Kentucky.  The driver looked down to plug in her cell phone when she collided with a grandfather and five others.  The elderly man and two children died as a result.

At her rated of speed, the car travelled approximately 1,000 feet in about 15 seconds, according to accident reconstruction experts.

Cell phone usage remains the cause for a substantial number of traffic collisions in Kentucky.  Here are some Kentucky statistics that may surprise you:

  • 2016 Collisions Involving Cell Phones – 1,146 (7,668 total due to “distraction”)
  • 2015 Collisions Involving Cell Phones – 1,081 (7,292 total due to “distraction”)
  • 2014 Collisions Involving Cell Phones –    972 (6,514 total due to “distraction”)

 Laws are being made tougher to reduce heartbreaking stories such as the one reported in this post.  While the driver is being charged in criminal courts for manslaughter, the driver could also be sued in civil court for wrongful death.

Our firm, Hargadon, Lenihan and Herrington, has handled many wrongful death cases in Kentucky (and other states).  We’ve written numerous blog posts about distracted driving and distracted driving fatality topics.  As personal injury attorneys, we know how to collect the evidence and build the case.  Unfortunately for everyone, there’s no joy in handling these cases.  Regardless of the outcome, nothing will ever bring back the lives lost to such an avoidable collision.

We urge people to focus on the road, rather on the distractions.  Vehicles travelling at regular speeds can still travel much farther than people realize.  This is especially true if truck drivers take their eyes off the road.  Unfortunately for families involved in trucking collisions, the results are usually catastrophic.

Regardless of who is calling, proper safety should be used when we’re behind the wheel.  If you receive an important call, consider pulling off the road.  You can always hit the redial button.  Nothing should be so urgent as to jeopardize the lives of other drivers, or grandparents taking their grandchildren out for a stroll.

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