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Crash Involving a Log Truck and Farm Equipment

There was a crash involving a log truck and farm equipment in Trigg County, on KY 139, earlier today.  The truck accident involved a tractor pulling a cultivator.  As of the writing of this post, there’s no information regarding injuries related to the collision.

Throughout Kentucky, drivers often encounter various types of larger vehicles:

  • Log Trucks
  • Combines and Cultivators
  • Tractors Pulling Farm Equipment
  • Coal Trucks
  • Trucks Hauling Horses and Livestock
  • Tractor Trailers / Semi-Trucks

Louisville Truck Accident Lawyer Farm EquipmentThe KY Transportation Cabinet and other news reported that the log truck collided with the cultivator that was being pulled by behind the tractor.  There are many factors that go into the cause(s) of these wrecks.  In a case such as this, it’s easy to imagine what may have happened.

Hargadon, Lenihan and Herrington has handled many wrecks involving large trucks and other types of over-sized vehicles, since our founding in 1924.

Common Factors of Collisions

  • Mechanical Failure – It’s possible that the brakes failed on log truck.
  • Speed – It’s possible that the tractor didn’t maintain enough speed on an
  • Failure to Accelerate – The tractor may have just pulled onto the road.
  • Inattention – One or both of the drivers may have been distracted.
  • Failure to Properly Pass – The log truck was attempting to pass the tractor.

Kentucky’s rural roadways are often narrow and full of curves.  As the summer months approach, drivers will be challenged to share the road with larger vehicles.  In many counties that means agricultural equipment.

In 2016, Kentucky State Police records indicated there were 227 collisions involving farm tractor/equipment.  That number is fairly consistent with 229 in 2015 compared to 190 in 2014.

We urge you to take caution when approaching the various types of trucks, trailers and agricultural equipment.  Be on the lookout for danger zones.

Danger Zones on Roads

  • When approaching blind curves – other vehicles may cross the center line.
  • When approaching steep inclines – the vehicles ahead may not be able to maintain speed.
  • When going down hills – yield to let other vehicles pass especially if they appear to be having trouble slowing.
  • Flat surfaces – yes, even here as large vehicles, and towed equipment, have a tendency to drift.

Our attorneys have years of experience representing victims of collisions.  A crash involving a log truck and farm equipment is a complicated collision.  We have experts who can deploy quickly to the site of the crash to preserve evidence.  This evidence will provide v
aluable clues into what actually happened and which driver is responsible.

Many of these large-vehicle collisions result in traffic fatalities or severe injuries.  When a crash involving a log truck and farm equipment occurs, experience matters.  We invite you to contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at HLH or call for a free consultation at 949-273-2693.

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