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Accidents Associated with Speeding Lead to Serious Injuries

A recent study by the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows accidents associated with speeding lead to serious injuries due to the increased forces at impact.  This research also showed the risk of suffering an injury in a motor vehicle accident is lower for those who travel near the median speed of the roadway, and injury risks significantly increase for drivers traveling at higher rates of speed.

One factor noted in the study was the “differential” between the speeds of vehicles on a given road.  For example, when factors such as road construction or another accident were present the flow of traffic tends to slow down.  A driver traveling at a higher rate of speed does not have the same amount of time to these recognize signs of danger and react accordingly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has noted speeding is one of the most common factors associated with car accidents.  The central theme of both studies suggested traveling above the posted speed limit and failing to exercise caution and adjust to road conditions leads to more severe collisions and related injuries.

Hargadon, Lenihan & Herrington, PLLC has represented those who are injured in motor vehicle accidents and the families of wrongful death victims since 1924.  We thoroughly investigate all aspects of our client’s case and work to achieve the best possible outcome in each matter.

Many accidents associated with speeding lead to serious injuries which will require long-term medical care as well as modifications to the home and vehicles of serious injury victims.  HLH works with financial experts to develop a “Life Care Plan.” This valuable tool can help a jury understand the extent of these expenses as well as the financial impact of lost wages and other costs associated with a permanent injury.

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