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Kentucky Drivers Face Higher Risk of an Injury Accident or Loss of Life in Rural Areas

Kentucky drivers face higher risk of an injury accident or loss of life in rural areas according to a recent study.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a study which analyzed motor vehicle accident rates in rural areas versus urban settings.  The results were startling:

In 2015, only 19% of the US population lived in “rural areas” yet 57% of motor vehicle deaths (wrongful deaths) that year occurred on rural roads.  While the study found the number of injury collisions to be higher in urban areas, rural accidents were far more likely to result in serious injuries or a wrongful death.

Car accidents account for hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries for Louisville and Kentucky residents every year.  A significant portion of Kentuckians live in rural areas, away from the congestion of our cities and towns.  In addition, the majority of Kentuckians find themselves on rural roads and state routes for a variety of reasons throughout the year.

While Kentucky drivers face higher risk of an injury accident or loss of life in rural areas there are safety precautions which can significantly reduce your risk.  The CDC study suggests proactive solutions such as purchasing vehicles with the highest ratings for safety within your budget range, wearing safety belts and restraints at all times and practicing safe, distraction-free driving.  Seat belt usage was cited as an issue in the CDC study as well.  Statistics cited in the study show drivers in urban settings involved in a car accident have a higher percentage of safety restraint usage than rural victims.  The more rural a community, the less likely drivers and their passengers were to buckle up before each trip.

The use of a seat belt is also a “significant predictor” of whether injuries sustained in an auto accident will be serious or fatal.

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