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You Can Recover Lost Wages After a Car Accident

When you suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident due to someone else’s negligence you expect insurance to pay for your medical expenses.  Did you know that you can recover lost wages after a car accident as well?  Anyone who has suffered broken bones, back or neck injury or a concussion in a car accident can share the fact there is much more to the financial cost of a car accident resulting in injuries than just your past, present and future medical bills.

The pain and limitations of movement associated with your injuries can affect all areas of your life for weeks or months after the accident.  While medical expenses are a significant portion of a personal injury claim, missing time at work resulting in unpaid leave or the forced use of accumulated sick or vacation time can take a toll on Louisville accident victims and their families.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at HLH work to recovery all expenses associated with the accident and resulting injuries.  You can recover lost wages after a car accident as well as other financial expenses.  Lost wages are often part of the recovery in a personal injury lawsuit or settlement.  This requires not only proof of another party’s liability, our attorneys must be prepared to provide evidence of lost wages and how they have been calculated.

We begin by collecting all associated documentation.  Recent pay stubs before the accident help to establish your earnings rate at the time of the accident.  Recent tax returns and other records help to document other sources of income to ensure a full and fair settlement of wages.  This issue can become much more complex when the injured party is self-employed or working on a commission basis.

HLH attorneys aggressively pursue full and fair compensation for our clients in all aspects of their personal injury claim.  There is only one opportunity to resolve or settle an injury claim and you have to ensure it covers all past, present and future financial damages you may be forced to endure, as well as compensation for having to suffer and recover from your injuries.

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