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Truck Accident in Barren County Results in Serious Injuries and a Wrongful Death

A truck accident in Barren County results in serious injuries and a wrongful death after a semi-truck crossed the center line into oncoming traffic.  The accident occurred on a rural road near Cave City, Kentucky.  A tractor-trailer was driving westbound when he crossed the center line and hit an oncoming commercial vehicle.  The truck then … Continued

Over Six Thousand Injured in Jefferson County Motor Vehicle Accidents This Year

According to the Kentucky State Police collision and injury data, over there have been more than six thousand injured in Jefferson County motor vehicle accidents this year.  What should you do if you are injured in a Jefferson County motor vehicle accident? The first and most important thing is to seek a thorough medical evaluation … Continued

Horrific Accident on Gene Snyder Results in a Wrongful Death

A horrific accident on Gene Snyder results in a wrongful death as well as serious injuries to other parties and a lot of questions.  The chain of events began simply with a disabled car which was not quite off of the road.  A good Samaritan stopped to help push the disabled vehicle out of the … Continued

What are Some of the Common Injuries Associated with a Kentucky FELA Claim?

What are some of the common injuries associated with a Kentucky FELA claim?  Why is it important to work with an experienced Kentucky FELA injury and trial attorney to ensure the best possible outcome in your case? Those who work for railroad companies or in the railyards of Kentucky face exceptional risk of injury compared … Continued

What Causes Most Truck Accidents in Louisville

What causes most truck accidents in Louisville and what should you do if you are injured in a Kentucky truck accident?  The Kentucky State Police keep many statistics associated with commercial truck accidents in our state.  There are many common causes of truck accidents, but the primary sources of truck accidents are: Equipment Failures – … Continued

When a Passenger Should File a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against a Driver

Many people wonder if or when an injured passenger should file a personal injury lawsuit against a driver.  One or more drivers may be responsible for the injuries you receive in a Louisville car accident.  In some cases, part of the responsibility may lie with the driver of the car in which you were riding.  … Continued

Why is the Insurance Adjuster Asking So Many Questions About My Injuries

If you are wondering “why is the insurance adjuster asking so many questions about my injuries?” you are right to be concerned.  If you have been injured in a car accident or motor vehicle collision or on the job due to the negligence of another party you should contact HLH to discuss a personal injury … Continued

Do I Have a Case for a Personal Injury Claim in Louisville

We are often asked “ Do I have a case for a personal injury claim in Louisville?”  The second question which closely follows is “How much is my case worth?”  The fact is you will never waste our attorneys time asking these questions, and we provide free consultations to make it easy for you to … Continued

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