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Avoiding Injury in a Side Impact or T-Bone Car Accident

What are the keys to avoiding injury in a side impact or t-bone car accident in Louisville?  According to the Kentucky State Police the number of injuries in truck, motorcycle and car accidents in Louisville intersections continues to increase each year.  Why is this and what can you do to reduce the odds you will be involved in one of these motor vehicle crashes?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly a quarter of all fatal accidents in the US occur at an intersection.  This is usually due to a driver who runs a red light, fails to come to a stop before making a turn, or the failure to yield to oncoming traffic – especially during a left hand turn.  Modern vehicles do not have the same protection for side impact, and the force of the impact translates much more directly to the occupants of the vehicle, especially those on the side of the car which was struck.

The most common injury in a side impact or t-bone accident is broken bones and fractures, as well as severe head trauma and traumatic brain injury.  The force of impact twists the body at incredible speed resulting in severe injury to the neck and back.

The best strategy for avoiding injury in a side impact or t-bone car accident is to eliminate all distractions in your vehicle and approach all intersections with caution and attention.  Obey traffic signals and signs, and be cautious of those who are approaching from each side.  Exercise additional caution whenever you make a left-hand turn.  This is when you are most vulnerable.

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